From Kansas City With Love

Hey! There's a package on the floor... I wonder whose mail is it?

It's mine! A mail for me? Oh boy, what could it be? Who sent me pressies?

Whatever it is... it sure smells nice... that must be some delicious nommies in there.

*sniff! sniff!* Ooh! What a lovely surprise!

It's from my tweenie dachshund girl, Twix in Kansas City! Look at the super duper cuteness overload card, isn't she beautiful? The picture really melts my little pei heart.

Twix sent me yummy chicken treats and a fun stuffy football for my barkday. She is such a pawsome girl... and I'm such a lucky guy.

Oh wait! There's more... Twix gave me a bully stick too. I couldn't wait and began chewing on it even with the plastic wrapping on.

I have not tried bully stick before, and I'm not sure we have it sold here but these stuff is just heavenly.

Once I get started on it, I couldn't stop.

The delicious pizzle stick is really addictive...

... and it is better than chasing cats or playing zoomies.

I really enjoyed my first bully stick... this stuff is totally yummilicious... at a risk of sounding gay, I never knew bull's willy can be so tasty.

And I love the stuffy football too... I have been playing fetch with the hoomans with it...

... but I really wish you were here to play with me, Twixie girl.

Thanks heaps my dear for the weinerful pressies... I heart you lots... and wet licks to your pawsome mom and dad... please excuse my distraction as I couldn't take my paws off the bully stick.

Mid Autumn Celebration

For the Chinese community, Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated in the month of September or early October.

The celebration includes having an indispensable traditional delicacy called mooncake which is a kind of pastry filled with lotus seed paste with a salted duck egg in the center core. The egg yolk in the center represents the mid-autumn moon which is always full during the celebration period according to Chinese calendar.

Can you see the full round moon above behind the misty cloud after a rainy night?

In addition to having mooncakes, lanterns are also displayed during the festivity to celebrate the end of summer harvesting season in ancient China.

Can you make out what animal is this brightly lit lantern?

Yup, it is a dog, and with a bit of wrinkles on his head too :)

Awards and a BBQ Dinner

Kasha the Dainty Great Dane bestowed me with the Versatile Blogger award awhile back and I would like to give Kasha a big wet lick for being such a sweetheart.

My lovely friend Sprinkle also gave me the Versatile Blogger award and a big wet lick for her too. You gals are pawsome furiends. Now, with great award, comes great responsibility... it always comes with rules. With this particular one, I have to list down seven random things about myself. Well, I have listed them here before but I'll give it another go this time round. So here it goes:
  1. I am a very friendly sharpei, too friendly till I'm bitten many a times for getting too close to a dog, big or small
  2. Heck, even cats have bitten and scratched me before
  3. However, when pushed, I can be offensive as I have subdued a GSD twice my size
  4. I'm always mistaken as a bulldog by people... "Ooh! A bulldog!... No! He's a Shar Pei"
  5. Either that, or people will always ask "What dog is this?"
  6. My daily diet consist of cooked food, i.e. dory fish and rice with vegetables, sometimes with oink-oink and moo-moo or salmon and sardine fish
  7. I dropped out of obedience class as a puppy coz treats do not excite me to follow commands, but I do understand commands, just a wee bit stubborn :)

The ever entertaining Dennis the Visla gave me two awards, the Thank You award and the Friendship award which put together becomes Thank You for Your Friendship award. Thank you indeed, Dennis, for your furiendship. And with this, I would like to pass this combo award to the following furiends below for their wonderful furiendship... I heart you all.

Happy Bingo and Benji My Lovely Twixie Girl
Buddy and Ginger
Jelly Bean
Bunny and Gang
Buster and Elizabeth
Cocorue and Tiffy Eva and Mika Boo Casanova
Kasha Three Dogketeers Santa and Gang Madame Moiselle
Audrey Scout and Freyja Bundy
Elbow and Hauwii Lois Lane
Life with 5 Dogs Riley and Star
Nigel and Gang Lola and Franklin
Lorenza Princess Luna
Puddles and Gang
Mango and Dexter Georgia
Martha and Bailey Mango the Maltese
Pam Maggie Mae
Bolo Sallie
Fiona and Abby Hound Girl
Sprinkles Thor
RA Husky Two Pitties Twinkie

------------- ::: -------------

We were at a Japanese BBQ restaurant for dinner... and yes, the hoomans have cravings for Japanese food.

Waiting for the food...

... *sniff! sniff!* I can smell the food cooking on the table.

BBQ meat and enoki mushroom with grilled shishamo fish and handrolls... yummy!

I'm waaaaiting!

Nom nom nom... *slurp!*

Munching on my BBQ meat.

Hey! Keep those nommies coming, kay!

Leaving the restaurant after a delicious meal...

... and we headed to the park for a walk and some off leash activity.

Watching the hoomans playing with the swings and slides...

... and they say I'm puppish... pfttt!