An Evening Stroll

The day started off with us lounging in the room and me taking forty winks on the couch.

My nap was disturbed by meimei's persistent cooing for her stuffie bear that has dropped from her bouncer...

... of which I duly picked up for her.

Oh look! The Dog Whisperer is on tele...

... but watching tele is boring.

Can we go to the park instead for a walk... pleeeaseee.

Nothing beats going out for a stroll in the park.

Someone really need to tell meimei how to be more ladylike when riding on her stroller.

Either meimei is getting too comfortable with those little feet jutting out or she is showing off her new socks.

We stopped for some drinks as the night set in at the park.

No prize for guessing whose drinks were those...

... and whose socks were these.

As meimei showed everyone her new jingling moo-moo socks...

... I just lied down and watched the world go by.

And before we knew it, it was time to go home for meimei's bedtime.


This little annoying punky puppy is whiny, cries all the time, disturbs my sleep at night, vomits milk on me and constantly takes attention away from me.

This furry prune head is always giving me his wet nose therapy, barks too much, farts too often, licks and tickles my feet and forever follows me everywhere.


Maybe with more love, she will grow to be my BFF.

Into the Mangrove Swamp

Whilst koko is feeding the pei mobile, cheche bought us some snacks... *sniff! sniff!* Ooh! Beef sausage with cheese... one of my favorite sausages.

Please excuse my slobbering on the car... the sausage is yummilicious.

Finally we arrived at the makeshift jetty to board our boat...

... to the mangrove swamp located downstream from the river.

I love riding on a boat along the river, ...

... coz I get to experience all kinds of sight and smell.

With the warm sunlight on my back, we travel downstream as the gentle evening breeze blow across my face...

... and the whispering wind sway the trees along the riverbank.

However, the tranquility is suddenly broken by a sharp screeching sound from up above the trees.

Can you see a furious monkey on top the tree?

The reason the monkey is making such a loud shrill cry...

... is because the monkey is trying to warn a monitor lizard from encroaching into the monkey's territory. Can you spot the huge lizard in the water among the mangrove roots?

The mangrove swamp is full of dangerous creatures...

... and one has to be careful when entering the water way.

Oops! A fallen tree... better move to the side to avoid those jutting branches.

OMD! What is that thingy above my head?

It's a poisonous mangrove snake! Also known as cat snake... it preys on lizards, birds and rodents along the river with its toxic venom.

Phew! Luckily the snake did not fall on my wrinkly head. It's safer now that we are out in the open again.

Hey! I see something approaching ahead of us.

It's a couple canoeing along the river. That looks like fun... wish I could go on a canoe one day.

Listening to the hoomans talking...

... about a pair of courting hornbills above the tree, and how once they are together, the hornbills are paired for life.

The boatman is describing to my friend from France how he once caught a giant catfish in this river.

But I don't see no catfish in the water though...

... all I see is my cheche in front of me...

... whom I love very much *licks! licks!*.

Sorry for the wet smooches... but unlike the snake, my venom is filled with unconditional love.