Cameron Highlands

On our way up to 1628 meters above sea level.

Are we there yet...

... are we there yet!

Woohoo... we finally arrived.

Doing my ceremonial run around the place.

My friend Max came to welcome us...

... by giving me the customary butt sniff.

This is Anchor giving me the cold stare... brrr.

Soon after, we went to visit plant nurseries on the highland.

I saw strawberries...

... juicy looking grapes...

... variety of cactus plants...

... and colorful flowers too.

Lonely planet travellers waiting for the bus.

Next stop, we went to check out a tea plantation.

The rustic charm of an old tea leaves processing factory...

... and the contrasting minimalist modern feel of the visitor gallery.

A view of the plantation with the protruding cantilever deck.

The viewing deck up close...

... and the tourist pack up close.

Tea trees as far as the eyes can see.

On the way back, we stop by at a temple...

... and later, we went for a hike up the hill too.

This place is cosy... can I sleep here tonight?

My walk with cheche on top the hill.

Making my way down.

This is Oliver, my dancing partner.

We started with a ballroom routine...

... and move on to more funky hip hop moves...

... and we dance like there's no tomorrow till the sun set.

Next morning, fresh crisp mountain air and beautiful pink buttercups.

Time for a visit to the morning market.

Hey, is that a cat in there?

Produce on display at the market...

... and humans doing their shopping.

More produce on display...

... with rose blooms providing the colors...

... and tangy fruits providing the flavors.

Walk The Dog

Pretty bloom in the morning.

Heading upstairs to look for sleepy heads.

Oh there you are! Can we go for a walk please?

Hi there Kingslee! Do you wanna go too?

Doing my sniffing dutifully.

You follow me, kay!

*sniff! sniff!*

Okay... enough of sniffing and wandering, let's head home.

Ahh... a snappy walk maketh a happy dog.

That Thing Dog Do!

Rolling on my bed before bedtime to mask the scent.

Feeling the Blues

The pleasant lassitude of a warm afternoon...

*sniff! sniff!*

I hear reverberating footsteps...

Did someone mention play?