I Get Awards

The lovely pair of chihuahuas from Munchkin Memoirs, gave me an award. Thanks, Bentley and Lexus. It's called Oops I Ate It whereby I have to confess on my attempt to steal food when my humans are not watching. See, I'm a good boy and would not take nom noms without permission. However, on my recent birthday, I did steal a quick nibble on the cake when they were not watching, but they knew about it later when they saw me and I got an earfull. I wonder how did they know about it?

------------- ::: -------------

My other chi friend from Luv Being a Chihuahua also gave me an award. Thank you very much, Cocorue. It's called the Lace It Up Baby award designed by Purplehatter. What a lovely award and it certainly makes my day.

Can I make an acceptance speech ala Oscar night?

------------- ::: -------------

I also got an award from my friend Buster in New York. An awesome pawsome award, thank you Buster for thinking about me. The honor is all mine.

Basking in the glory of all the awards.

Christmas Came Early

I received a present from the land down under.

It's from someone that is related to cheche.

I wonder what it is? Something yummy I hope...

It's not food, bummer... it's a float coat for me to go swimming.

Do you like my Ruffwear float coat?

A-Famosa Resort, Malacca

We make a trip down south to the city of Malacca and put up a night at A-Famosa resort.

Here we are checking out the golf course.

I see no tiger in the woods... koko must get his eyes examined.

I guess Lone Ranger left his wagon here after Silver bolted with Tonto.

The rotating windmill at the resort.

Why did the chicken cross the road?... to avoid an oncoming elephant.

Admiring the japanese carp fish pond...

... that comes complete with cascading water flow.

High noon at cowboy town... where's the sheriff?

Hey watch out! There's a loose cannon around.

My morning walk at the nearby lake.

Enjoying the fresh morning air.

Can we go for a ride on this paddle boats?

Hey! I can see fish in the water.

Back at our rented apartment.

Enjoying a swim in the pool from the hot weather.

A relaxing get away... till the next time, Malacca.

Happy 3rd Birthday!

Checking out my ice-cream birthday cake... yummy!

Cheche putting the final touches on the decoration.

Time to put on my party hat.

Make it quick, will ya... I want to eat the cake.

Any longer, my slobbering will extinguish the candles.

Yummy... yummy!

Rainforest Waterfalls, Ulu Yam

We hike through the rainforest. The destination is to get to a dam at the other end.

Our expedition starts at the top of the hill over a suspension bridge.

The bridge is about 60-feet above the rushing water of the stream below.

I need to find my way through all these rocks...

... which are huge and slippery due to the algae growth on the surface.

Squeezing myself through the two rocks.

Now we need to get across this mountain stream to access further in.

Cheche is surveying the fast-flowing mountain stream.

That's the green light from cheche. Coast is clear, my turn to go into the water.

Brrr... the water is freaking cold.

Better watch out for snakes lurking around in the water.

Whoa... the strong current is sweeping me away.

A little bit more to reach the bank... *paddling*

Woohoo!... I made it.

Checking out the forest trail for any wild animals.

Look! We arrive at a waterfall.

Boy, now we have to swim across to continue the journey.

Easy does it...

... *paddle! paddle!*

Yes, I made it across.

There's still danger ahead... we have to cross a narrow ledge across the fall.

Man, one wrong step and I'll be history.

Planning my move across.

Treading carefully on the ledge.

Two more steps and I'm outta here.

Whoa! This is slippery... I don't want to fall into the fast-flowing stream.

I see an opening up ahead of the stream.

Finally we reach the dam at the river mouth... after the laborious trekking through the rainforest.