Return of the Appetite

I'm glad to update that hero's appetite has returned and in fact, he seems to miss his usual food more than ever now that he has recovered. We have been giving him a diet of dory fish and beef soup mixed with rice, as he is allergic to most commercially available dog food.

Each time when cheche is preparing his meal, I can't help but to tease him by making a slurping sound as if to eat his food... and it always drives him mad... ahh, the joys of having a dog... just kidding :) but seriously, we never been happier to see such snarl and it's good to hear him growl over food again. But for those midnight sleep interruptions to make up for loss walkies, well that's a different story.

The Power of The Paws

This is koko here reporting on hero’s condition. Whilst the wounds are still healing, spreading is under control with no new lesions spotted and hopefully the new class of antibiotics would do the job this time round. His appetite has returned and hero has been eating well since. We hope that he will start gaining some weight over the next couple of weeks.

We clean his wounds a couple of times a day, and restrict his movements to avoid further infections or aggravation of his wounds.

The love we received from everyone out there has really touched us. Little did we realize that this little insipid blog of his does reach out to many from far and wide… such sweet serendipity of life.

Thank you for the heartfelt comments, dedicated blog posts and special mentions for hero, and also the emails offering well wishes, advice and suggestions from furiends and strangers alike. We sincerely thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kindness and genuine concern.

If I may ask, please do us a favor by giving the furry friends next to you the biggest squeezy hug ever after reading this… it’s from hero, whom want me to let you know that he is most grateful for all the love sent to him, from you and furry friends.

May the power of the paws be with us always.

On a different note, despite all the suffering he has to endure, hero would still welcome us home each day even though it requires him to limp in pain to the gate. Often, in a medicated stupor, he would make an effort to lick my face even though he has not eaten for days on end. Perhaps trying to comfort us in return, knowing very well of our concern for him. Each time he does that, it ruffles my heart. Such acts of affection are defining moments of a dog’s love for their hoomans... simple, pure and unconditional. I hope he knows it’s reciprocal.

Pei ess: Please spare a moment to visit my furiend, Lola, who is having the FSF sickies too. She is in need of the POTP urgently and hope everyfurry can send some healing vibes to Lola.