Post Surgery Days

Since my bloat surgery two months ago, I have not been doing much but stayed at home with little meimei, whom has been giving me much tender loving care.

We spend the day mostly sleeping and playing together in the house.

When we are bored, we usually raid the house for food...

... from inside the refrigerator...

... to the kitchen counter looking for snacks.

At times, we also get to share some snacks on our ride in the car...

... but we mostly settle for whatever nommies we could find at home.

On weekends, when the hoomans are not working, meimei and I get to go to the park.

This is a far cry from the adventures I used to have, but with meimei as company now, I'm not complaining.

Pei-ess: I would like to thank all my furiends for the well wishes when I was sick recently. It makes me very happy to know that everyone still remembers me, even though I seldom post on this little blog anymore, not as often as I would like to due to the hoomans busy schedules nowadays. You guys are the greatest, licks to all.