Kidney Failure

This is koko here writing an entry on this little blog... a blog that has sort of gathered dust over the last couple of months. According to Google Analytics, many returning readers would still drop by occasionally, and for that we thank you for remembering us. 

Life has been pretty crazy for cheche and I, especially with a hyperactive toddler and a not-so-well dog constantly requiring our undivided attention. Hero was diagnosed with kidney failure in April, something that is not unexpected ever since we knew he is suffering from FSF, a form of congenital disease in the breed.

It all started when hero had a kerfuffle with a stray while taking a night walk. In the heat of things, he had the misfortune of tearing a tissue on his front leg, at the carpal region. Due to the swelling, hero was on anti-inflammatory medication which resulted in him vomiting and having bloody diarrhea for days. We took him in for a blood test and that was how we found out about his kidney condition. Hero was at stage three of kidney failure.

While we are fully aware of such possibility, we were not prepared for the news. Since then, we have worked out a treatment schedule and made all the necessary arrangement. In addition to conventional medication (Azodyl and Ipakitine), we put hero on special diet and also holistic treatment, such as herbal remedy and acupuncture sessions. The hardest part is the daily fluid therapy, i.e. subcutaneous injection, where he would be most uncomfortable with the poking of needles, but we do give him a treat as a reward for his patience.

Hero sleeping with his favorite toy.

Canine renal disease cannot be reversed and it is slowly taking its toll on hero. We are working hard to keep hero with us as long as possible during this difficult path. Thus far, hero has been admitted to hospital twice, with each visit having to spent a couple of nights on intravenous drips. He seems happily engaged for now and we know he is a trooper although he is losing strength by the day. Taking care of a dog with chronic kidney disease is physically taxing and mentally challenging. The constant worrying and roller coaster emotional feelings can really put a strain on the most upbeat of souls. However, having said that, we would still do it many times over, for the joy he has brought us ever since we had him is priceless.

Hero and meimei staring into the open sea.

In a month’s time, hero will be seven years old. We still have many planned adventures to go, mountains to hike, food to taste, rivers to cross and most of all, meimei is looking forward to hero walking her to her first day of school next summer. With so much yet to be done, it is difficult to imagine hero not being a part of all these. Sometimes, life just seems so unfair.

I guess Dr. Seuss was right when he said "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened".