Sekeping Serendah Retreat

We are at the Sekeping Serendah jungle retreat for a weekend getaway.

Hmmm, finding our shed can be a challenge over here...

... but I think I found it, come follow me.

What! This is not the one?

No worries, my big sharpei nose will lead us there.

There are all kind of creepy crawlies in the jungle. This is a giant leaf cutter ant, which can grow up to two inches long and packed a nasty bite.

Finally, we manage to find our shed...

... and this is where we'll call it a night when the sun sets.

This little fat leech is making its escape after a blood sucking spree.

Speaking of food, I'm hungry...

... hellooo, can we have something to eat?

Time to start the fire and grill the sausages...

... with me keeping a close watch on the cooking process, making sure it's done correctly.

After a yummilicious barbecue meal, we hit the sack for the night.

Amidst the chorus of nocturnal insects chiming in the night air outside, I had a good slobber slumber on the bed.

The next morning, I woke up very early but have to wait for the sleepy heads...

... before I could go for my favorite fun activity...

... where else but the swimming pool.



Today, my furiends, I'm going to be your Canine Swimming Instructor (CSI) and I'll share with you some canine swimming tips from a dog's perspective, not the typical instructions by the hoomans for the hoomans one find aplenty everywhere. Who's swimming anyways, us or the hoomans, duh!

Coming from a sharpei, I may be your least likely candidate for CSI. But fear not, this is easy peasy, just follow my simple instructions and furryone can become Michael Fido Phelps in no time.

First of all, every dog can float in water (unless you had stones for breakfast)... just relax and make sure you don't panic in the water... think of it as a big water bowl.

Second, always keep your snooter above the water level by tilting your head upward... and breath normally while swimming.

Thirdly, just dog paddle casually with your legs in diagonal pairs making sure you place the front paws a little farther out in front.

Next, remember never to open your mouth to pant while swimming... always keep your mouth close to avoid choking on water.

When necessary, use your tail to fish-wag for extra control and propulsion in the water.

And lastly, always keep your focus straight and do not constantly look away as you may get confuse and panic will set in.

And that's about all, folks... hope you enjoy the simple tips from your friendly neighborhood CSI and have fun on your next encounter with the water bowl.


3 doxies said...

Holy Kat Krap...Ok, my mum is over heres freaking out bout your piktures...her says they are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! I thinks we has a monster here and I ain't talkin bout that leech neithers.
What a beaitiful place fur a weekend retreat. Looks like you would always haves sumptin to do.

Lola and also Franklin, too said...

OMD, Hero. Shar Pei just don't do the things you do. I mean it's very good that you don't allow yourself to be defined by narrow stereotypes but it's still amazing. It's a beautiful place, but awfully close to a LOT of nature. Leeches! Icky. Is that a new collar, btw?

wags, Lola

houndstooth said...

That place looks like so much fun! I am green with envy! I have decided that I am forcing Mom to get me a flotation device so I can try swimming this summer. We greyhounds actually don't have enough body fat to swim, we sink like stones, but I love playing in the water!


Kapitein Haakje said...

how cool is that to make underwater photos :D
good that we dont swim (if sanne doesnt make us)

did you see some fish in the pool?

El'bow & Hauwii

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

Did that leech sleep with you too? I hope not!
We like your teckneek in the water, especially the propulsion and that last shot is so cute!

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Woof, what a fun retreat, you should do it every week, Hero.
I love the food BBQ most, second is swimming, thanks for the tutor Hero.
May I ask you a favor, please go visit Autumn, my Maltese cybersister, to give her and her mom your kind words of love, encouragement and emotional support, they really need it now, thanks.

The Gang at LLB said...

Thanks so much for the swimming lesson are SUCH a great swimmer!!

Smileys & Snuggles!
Dory, Bilbo and Jacob

Lorenza said...

Hi, Hero!
Wow! That place sure is awesome!
The sleeping picture sure is special too!
Thanks for the swimming lesson!
You are a champion!
Kisses and hugs

sprinkles said...

These are some amazing pictures! Well, except for the one of the leech. That one was just icky!

I love all the water shots. If I ever take my little chi's swimming, I'll have to have them read your tutorial first so they don't drown.

Looks like you had a wonderful weekend in the beautiful jungle.

koko said...

Lola,... new collar? Nope, just my old trusty one... you're right, sometimes furryone should not be defined by narrow stereotypes but just do it... our lives, our way :)

Licks, hero

The Oceanside Animals said...

Giant ants? Roaming bloodsucking leeches? I'm glad you made it out of there in one piece!

Taffy said...

That is one wonderful post! I love seeing you skinny dipping! Its a good thing you are a big strong guy to fight off those jungle critters. Tell Koko and Cheche they did an excellent job on the photos! Those ones of you jumping in the water dish are amazing!
PS: Sorry I made you blush but I do think you are very handsome and wanted everyone else to know too ;o)

Boo Casanova said...

OMD! hero u went there again! i'm hoping to get a w/end trip to serendah too. but i guess dopes will be tagging along as well. is that mud shed you folks rented?

i wonder if leeches will furkids blood?

i wonder why whenever i saw the pics of the swimming pool, i don't see there's anyone else in there. is there no one else during your stay?

wet wet licks

the dog who envy your getaway, Boo

Unknown said...

Hero! How cool to go for a retreat in the jungle!
Thanks for being our CSI, I think you are a wonderful swimmer sharpei!

koko said...

Boo,... yup we stayed at the mud shed and we have the whole pool to ourselves too as we're the only guest.

Licks, hero

little princess Luna~ said...

my brave hero~!

you are amazing hero~! mum and i always enjoy your posts--you NEVER disappoint us~!! :D
what a most wonderful retreat--it sure looks like a fun place to visit.
and i think your sharpei nose is super kissable~!! ;)


Scout and Freyja said...

Holey moley! Look at that tongue of yours, WOWZA! Momma said that there is one dog that cannot float and that is the English Bulldog. Isn't that sad?

Autumn and Jasmine the Maltese said...

Dear Hero,

I received your words and support from Autumn's blog. Thank You so much for dropping by and I will update you about Jasmine when she gets better =D

btw, where are you staying? maybe we could meet up one day cuz I'm practically love sharpei breed hehe

Love you lots,
Autumn & Jasmine's Mom

the booker man said...

dude, hero, your weekend adventure looks like it was crazy funsies!! i am a little scared of that blood-suckin' leech, though...i hope he wasn't suckin' on your blood? anywho, did you get to eat lots of those super delicious snausages?? i can hardly look at the picture without droolin' all over my furs!
thanks for the swimming informational. i may be a water loving labradude, but it's always good to get some more tips! :)
the booker man

Anonymous said...

BOL you beat me to it! The swimming tips, I mean. We just took video a couple of days ago in preparation. We can always exchange info though, right? Thank you for taking us along to your magical getaway, wow!

Teal'c said...

Ohhhh Hero! You go to all those exciting places! I'm so jealous! I mean we go to nice places as well but the jungle looks amazing... And you were allowed to sleep in the bad w your hoomans - isn't that cool?!

My mum also loves your underwater pics. :)

Slobbers Teal'c

Anonymous said...

GAWD you are so DARN cute and charming Hero. And so adventurous. Too adorable.

MadameMoiselle said...

We were supposed to go to Serendah before we moved here too !! But the place was always full .. Boo !!!

Neway, glad to see you enjoyed yourself very much !! The sausages are so inviting !!!! I hope you ate a fair bit of it..

Now, as you know I have a teeny tail.. so mr CSI how am I supposed to use my tail to control??


Martha said...

Oh my goodness, all that fun and adventure and sausages!!!!
You get to have the best times. We loved your swimming pics - very cool. Go Hero!
Martha and Bailey xxx

Janice said...

Sekeping Serendah does not allow dogs now. Apparently they don't like the idea of having dogs on their beds, so they ban guests from bringing dogs.

koko said...

Is that true? Well, don't fret over it, Jan. Your dog is better off NOT going to that place. TRUST ME :)

Licks, hero

Max said...

I brought my dog there once and he was behaving strangely the whole time. Like something is disturbing him. We couldn't sleep that night and left early in the morning. Never going there again!

Anonymous said...

Dogs can see dead people.

Unknown said...

sorry u have been banned from sekeping serendah

Dark Knight said...

Weird things happened when we were there too. We went in a group of three and stayed at the timber shed. At night, we felt like there were more than three people in the house. We did not dare to sleep.