Mid Autumn Celebration

For the Chinese community, Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated in the month of September or early October.

The celebration includes having an indispensable traditional delicacy called mooncake which is a kind of pastry filled with lotus seed paste with a salted duck egg in the center core. The egg yolk in the center represents the mid-autumn moon which is always full during the celebration period according to Chinese calendar.

Can you see the full round moon above behind the misty cloud after a rainy night?

In addition to having mooncakes, lanterns are also displayed during the festivity to celebrate the end of summer harvesting season in ancient China.

Can you make out what animal is this brightly lit lantern?

Yup, it is a dog, and with a bit of wrinkles on his head too :)


Priscilla said...

Hope you had a good mid autumn festival, Hero!
How awesome they make doggy lanterns that look like peis too!

Happy said...


BlogDog said...

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

georgia little pea said...

how pretty are those lanterns! and that cake looks YUM. did you get some hero? i hope so. i always make sure i get to try whatever my humans are eating. the way i do it is to stick my nose into their food before they can stop me. it works! try it!

have a great weekend :) xox

Lola said...

How lovely. And cake with an egg inside. What a great idea! I prefer eggs to most cake, excepting of course, cheesecake. We didn't know about that holiday, which is kind of surprising, seeing as it's such an important one. Everyone knows when it's Chinese New Year and there articles in the paper and some of our Chinese friends take days off from work for family celebrations and yet we never hear about this one. Anyway, I hope your celebration was pawsome fun.

lotsa licks, Lola

3 doxies said...

Ooooh yes, we has heard of them Mooncakes...disn't know da history behind 'em though.
Hope you has a wonderful celebration and I loves your doggie lantern.


little princess Luna~ said...

those mooncakes sound interesting. honestly, i don't think mum has ever had one.
wow hero i love looking at all your pictures--looke like a fun celebration~!!!! :D


houndstooth said...

Those mooncakes look beautiful! I'm not sure we'd be brave enough to eat them, though. I love those lanterns! It definitely looks festive there are your house.


sprinkles said...

I've never heard of this celebration before. Thanks for sharing, it's always good to learn something new!

That cake is pretty. Did you get some, Hero? I hope your family shared some with you. I can't believe you didn't wolf it right down before you could have your picture taken with it.

That's a really cool dog lamp. Never seen one like that before.

the booker man said...

happy mid-autumn festival, hero!!
that mooncake looks super yummy, and i'm kinda jelly that you have your own doggie lantern! how way cool!

the booker man

Mango said...

Kind of a glow in the dark sharpie dog, right? Any holiday with foodables is good.


Elizabeth said...

cool festival, Hero

we saw the moon in the MORNING today
love from

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

That sounds like a very interesting festival. Thanks for sharing it with us! Did you eat the cake?

Anonymous said...

Hello Hero!
You look wonderful and you have lovely photos!
Wishes from Nero

Lorenza said...

The Mid Autumn Festival sure is pawesome!
I have seen (in pictures) those mooncakes and I wonder how tasty they are!
That Doggie Lantern is pawesome!
Kisses and hugs

Hound Girl said...

Thank you for your vote Hero!!

I love the dog lantern!

We hung our lanterns last week :)