Trip to the Pet Store

We started the day by going to the park for a walk.

Taking a moment to enjoy the morning sun on the park bench.

This interesting weed is called Touch-Me-Not, where the leaves fold inward and droop when touched. The hoomans love to play with it when they were still puppies.

We arrived at the mall just in time for the shops to open.

I waited outside the shops while the hoomans went inside to look at stuff.

This waiting game can be quite boring... why do the hoomans need to shop so much.

How long more do I have to wait...

... before we can go to the pet store?

Finally, we get to go upstairs to my favorite pet store.

There are so many kind of foodables here for the hoomans to choose... but I still prefer my meals to be cooked.

Ahh! This section is more interesting... the toys section.

Ohh! Snacks! Can we get the salmon flavored one up there... pleeease.

There are a lot of interesting looking fishes in here too.

These tropical ornament fishes are too small to be eaten...

... except for these Japanese carps.

Can we bring some home for sushi tonight?

Hello little guy! Hope you will find a forever home before Christmas.

Hey Mr. Bunny, where's your Christmas stocking outside the bunny house? Santa is getting ready to visit us soon ya know...

... and here's wishing everyone a Furry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

A Hike and Seafood Lunch

It is a beautiful sunny morning...

... and off we go hiking by following the beaten trail in the jungle.

Hurry up, will ya! We are almost there at the top.

Leaving my peemail for other animals to read.

Nothing beats a good hike in the jungle...

... on a sunny day like this.

Wild mushrooms sprouting on the damp forest ground.

We come across some kind of nest made with dried leaves... better not disturb it, never know what is inside.

Busy checking the place for any peemails.

Having a drink at a stream after a long hike...

... and also getting a refreshing dip in the water to cool off my body.

After the hike, the hoomans have lunch at a restaurant that is built next to a fish pond.

A goose come out to greet us at the entrance.

Here we are waiting for the food to come, or rather the hoomans are waiting, as I'm not allowed to eat... bah!

The hoomans feast on fried prawns in salted egg yolk...

... barbecue cockles with sweet sour Thai sauce...

... and barbecue fresh mud crabs.

This is the resident pet, a yellow crested white cockatoo.

I got excited as I discovered something moving nearby...

... and it turned out to be a turkey hen scavenging for food below the table.

It can get pretty boring while waiting for the hoomans to finish their lunch...

... but that's alright, coz it's a wonderful day.