With the late Chelsea. We miss you.

Play Time

Let's play!

Give me!


Yummy... makan time.

Happy 1st Birthday!

My strawberry ice-cream cake... yummy!

My birthday present which comes with colorful balloons.

Let the party begin I say.

Sleeping in Van

Let me know when we're home.

Bathing Time

I hate you!

Taman Wawasan, Puchong

I want to go home.

Waiting at Car Porch

When is koko coming home from work?

My Favourite Chew

Steal my bone and you're dead.

Getting Ready to Bathe

Can I not bathe... pleassseee.

Busy Body

Play With Me

Trip to Ipoh

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

I Am Bored

Please amuse me.

Lazy Afternoon

Nap time... zzz

Hey don't just sit there... give me some attention.

Fast Food Meal

Hmmm... cook food taste better.

Locked Out

Let me in... pleassseee.

Attention Please

Give me some attention.