From Belgium With Love

There's a mail in the mail box...

... and it's from Belgium, across the continents at the other end of the world.

It's a mail for me, from my furiend, El'bow and Hauwii.

Oh boy, I'm so excited... let me have the mail.

Surprise! Surprise! It's a tie for me... do I look handsome with my tie?

It's part of the GABE giveaway from the lovely duo, thanks heaps guys... love the tie.

There's a note for me... I'm so lucky to have El'bow and Hauwii as my furiends too, Sanne.

I'll make sure I get to wear the tie on my next date night.

Award and Ice-Cream

I was bestowed the Versatile Blogger award by Zelle, Buddy/Ginger and Luna. Not forgetting Dory and Lola whom also extented the award to me. Thanks a lot, my furiends, I love all of you. The rule says that I must list down seven things about myself. Here goes;
  1. I was born in Indonesia by parents from US and now residing in Malaysia.
  2. I'm allergic to food rich in beta-carotene such as carrot and sweet potato.
  3. I suffer from Sharpei fever occasionally and need my colchicine tablets.
  4. I like to play hide and seek with Cheche and will yelps if I can't find her.
  5. I have my teeth brushed thrice a week at night.
  6. My favorite snack is roasted chestnut.
  7. I like to swim but I dislike baths.
I would like to pass this award to all my furiends that reads my blog and hope you'll accept this little token of appreciation.

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Girls are made of sugar and spice,
and all that's nice
Boys are made of frogs and snails,
and puppy-dogs' tails

Recently, my girl, Twix, was having a boo-boo period and not feeling too chirpy, so Twix's thoughtful daddy gave her some ice-cream to cheer her up. Well, one thing I can tell ya for sure, there's a huge difference between Twix and me when it comes to having our ice-cream.

With such an angelic expression, Twix would politely asked for a share of the ice-cream...

... where she would softly licked the ice-cream with such femininity of a lady.

On the other paw, as for me, I would just forcefully launched myself towards the ice-cream and started licking clumsily...

... making sure I slurped up every drop before giving the hooman my dissatisfied "Is that all?" look.

*Overheard the hooman:* With hero, we can throw etiquette out of the window.

Okay, I gotta go, I think they ate the baguette and threw it out the window.

A Korean Dinner

Remember the last outing where I have to wait in the pei mobile while the hoomans have their dinner, well this time round I make sure that I get to join in the feast.

Excuse me, miss! Can we have a table for three, please.

The service at the restaurant was prompt and attentive...

... as the food arrived quickly on our table.

I waited patiently for the hoomans to chow down...

... before having my share of the nom nom too.

The aroma of the sizzling meat...

... sent my tongue waggling and my saliva dripping.

I also had Korean seafood pancake...

... with my barbecue meat...

... which was very delicious I must say.

Yummy... yummy.

I'm a happy camper after a full supper.

Trail to Geruntum Fall

Once the hoomans were done trying to kill themselves with body rafting...

... I put on my floating vest and we set off on a trail to the Geruntum Fall located a distance away upstream.

Having a drink before we start...

... our long and hazardous trek up the river.

Taking a breather along the way.

As we walked atop the rocks along the river...

... at one point, I slipped and fell right into the water.

Luckily I was not swept away by the swift water...

... and managed to climb up to safety on those slippery rocks... *cough! cough!*

Taking a moment to compose myself after gulping some water on the fall.

In between all the endless walking, we stopped to rest,...

... we drank from stagnant puddles,...

... and more rest stops for our weary legs.

Submerging myself in the river bank to cool off...

... before continuing the trail on flat land.

A distance away, we came to a metal bridge...

... that was once made of concrete but collapsed during a raging flood after heavy downpour.

This time, I have to be extra careful not to fall into the strong rapids below.

Slow and steady I crossed the bridge without much difficulty.

But I spoke too soon as we came to another part of the river and this time round, there was no bridge in sight.

Left with no other choice, I have to swim across the river.

Luckily, the current was not too strong at this part...

... and I managed to swim across safely.

Note from hooman: As a safety precaution, we always ensure that there is someone downstream whenever hero swims in a flowing river in case he's swept away by strong current.

I think we're not too far from the water fall...

... as I could hear the sound of water splashing from the distance.

Yes, we finally made it to Geruntum waterfall...

... where the hoomans tried to kill themselves again had some wet abseiling fun.