My Favourite Time... NOT!

Any attempt to resist a bath is futile...

... but I can make it difficult and wet for you too... take that.

I don't like the shampoo smell... I like my natural 'hero scent'.

Letting my displeasure known by venting it on the leash...

... by giving it a good pulling and biting *grrr*

A Swim By The Lake

It's a hot and scorching day, so we decide to go for a swim.

Hooray!... I can see the inviting water of the lake nearby.

Oh boy! Oh boy! Hurry up will ya.

Nope, this is not a good landing spot.

Let's try over there.

Okay, the ground over here is firm enough...

... and the water is just right.

All systems go for lift off, I say... or errr... drift off in this case... wheee!

Better watch out for crocodiles though...

... wouldn't want to end up as lunch for those reptiles.

The coast is clear... I think.

Phew... swimming is hard work, ya know.

Going in for another lap...

... and another lap.

Okay... that's enough swimming for the day.

Having my nap at home after a good swim.

Dogathon at Bukit Ekspo, UPM

This is Dogathon, an event for furkids organised by one of the local universities.

I get to have a health check by a graduating student of the university and my report card is good according to the VTB (Vet-to-be).

There's a lot of dogs at the event. This is Macho, he's a sharpei mix.

I also saw a yellow poodle *gasps*...

... and a white chow chow.

This pinscher is dressed to the nines...

... and this colorful chinese crested powderpuff come complete with blings and shoes.

This little fella is a boston terrrier...

... looking at the german shepherd across lying down.

This bernese mountain dog is checking out the schnauzer...

... while the collie is resting under the tree.

A weimaraner looking interested at the dog food sold at the stalls.

The color of this standard poodle outfit matches with her human's shoes.

Saint bernard taking a breather from the weather.

This terrier doesn't look too happy stuck inside the stroller...

... and this poodle decides to come out from the bag.

An afghan hound doing her shopping at the side stalls.

A relaxing mastiff with his human under the tree.

What is the human doing up there on a horse?

Hmmm... I wonder how does a horse sounds like? Moo? Baa? Meow? Woof?

I'm dog-tired (no pun intended)... let's head home.

Where's My Toy?

Where's KimKim?

Helloooo... did anyone see KimKim?

Nope, he's not in the bathroom.

Oh, there you are! What are you doing outside the balcony?

Let's play nose biting.


A dog sits waiting, counting the days,
and next to the door he stays.

Awaiting for someone to come and play,
for his life, lonely and gray.

Will you be my friend, I hear him say,
as he looks at me and pray.

A friend indeed I be, to love and share,
please do not be sad, for I care.

Hero meets T-Dog on this day,
could you spare some time for my friend astray?

- hero -

Beauty Award

I have been tagged by the lovely beauty on wheels, Fiona, of Park City Utah, for an award. Thanks, Fiona. By this, I have to share seven beauty tips and pass along this award to seven of my friends.

Well, I really don't want to appear to be pansy but koko said something about me being a metro dog and should feel secure in my masculinity. Yeah... whatever!

Let's move on with the formality... shall we.

Beauty tip no. 1 - I have my ears cleaned regularly.

Beauty tip no. 2 - I also have my teeth brushed to keep it white.

Beauty tip no. 3 - Getting enough beauty sleep is important.

Beauty tip no. 4 - I always have my mouth wiped after each meal.

Beauty tip no. 5 - Also, doing the stretch out daily to relax my muscles.

Beauty tip no. 6 - Regular exercise to keep my body tone, especially swimming.

Beauty tip no. 7 - And lastly, as much as I hate it, I have to bathe regularly.

According to the rules, I need to tag another seven friends for this award, but I'm sure my friends would already have many award collections and this may be one of them. Nonetheless, I would like to pass this to the following in alphabetical order:

1. Boo, the casanova in KL, Malaysia
2. Bolo, the wise snuffler of Ontario in maple land
3. Buster, the talented cutie pie in New York
4. Chloe, the belle of the ball in Ohio
5. Dory, the adorable lasha apso of Austin Texas
6. Lorenza, the ever popular Mexican dachshund
7. Twix, the wiener that rules Kansas City

Happy Beautification!