About Me

This is my story, a story of a lone sharpei named hero. A sharpei that was fated to be together with cheche and koko under the most unlikely circumstances.

It all started in a place called California, America, which lived a sharpei bitch that was to give birth to a litter of puppies. Unknown to one of the puppies, his life would start in a place far away from his parents and siblings, a place called Jakarta, in a country by the name of Indonesia. The puppy, together with another sharpei from America, was bought by a family whom has a special interest in my breed, a breed that was considered rare at one time only to be resuscitated via a desperate appeal and media publicity.

The pair of sharpeis lived their lives as family pets in a loving home in Indonesia. At the same time, somewhere not too distance, in a neighbouring country, a girl was looking for her heart dog. She has been looking far and wide for her beloved breed, a sharpei, to the extent of contacting breeders in Australia, Thailand and Philippines in search of sharpei puppies. This is because sharpei is hardly a common breed in the place the girl was living. No one is interested in this breed as we are labeled as high maintenance i.e. costly veterinary bills due to our multiple health problems, which is so not true.

Meanwhile, back in Indonesia, the stork has brought a litter of puppies to the pair of sharpeis. I was one of the puppies. I was born on September 6th 2006 and opened my eyes to this colourful world a few days later to play with my siblings and snuggle up to my mommy. One day, when I was three months old, a man came and took me and my brother away from our home. We were placed in a cage and taken to an airport for a two hours flight to a place called Medan in Indonesia.

On arrival, we were taken to a jetty and boarded a boat that was filled with timber logs. We were placed inside a small compartment that was uncomfortably hot and humid without much ventilation. A pungent odor of kerosene filled the dark space. For the next four hours, my brother and I have to endure the rough ocean waves beating onto our small fragile boat.

We finally arrived at a jetty in a place called Malacca. It was in a country by the name of Malaysia. A stocky man with body tattoos came and took us on a two hours car ride to a big city by the name of Kuala Lumpur. I was really afraid as we were left in a room full of whining and barking puppies of different breeds, oblivious to their own fate. I did not sleep that night.

The next morning, I heard footsteps and the same man came into the room to take me away from my brother. I was put inside a card box onto the car. It was a short journey and when the door opened, I saw a girl looking at me with the most angelic eyes. A girl that has since shower me with unconditional love. A girl I call cheche.

From that moment, my life journey has started with cheche and koko, and it’s been a wonderful journey thus far… woof!