Sun and Sea at Cherating

Seafront view of the Cherating beach at Ruby's Resort.

Looks like the monsoon season is approaching... the sea is choppy.

Can I put on my float coat? Pleeeease.

Float coat, check... water condition? Let's go find out.

Testing the inviting water for any activity...

I think the sea condition is at fun alert!

Which means only one thing...

... bring out the raft boat...

... and head towards the sea I say.

Watch out, here comes another strong wave.

Woohoo... this is fun.

Hellooo... while you're diving down at the ocean, can you please get me a lobster?

I'll keep a look out for sharks, kay?

Hey, this is getting boring waiting on the boat... when is cheche coming up from the water?

I'm outta here...

... and gonna swim back to shore.

*dog pant* Man, hopefully the sharks already had their meals.

Phew! That was a close call... I need my rest now.

Later in the day, I said hi to an old buddy Stout.

This is Daisy, my next door neighbor at the chalets.

Everyone say hi to Cupple.

Sharing my stories with Wang Wang, the rescued mongrel.

This is Charlie, the boston terrier.

Who constantly likes to sniff...

... and play with me.

Sunrise at the beach the following day.

This is a newly hatched endangered baby green sea turtle...

... who is taking baby steps towards the sea and I gave the little fella a nudge.

So long little fella... hope you will make it in the vast ocean out there.


Dexter said...

Hero! You are a total Bay Watch guy with your life raft and red swimcoat. The beaches are safer with you on duty.


Pei In The Life said...

Hero, that was the world's biggest bath you jumped into! Don't you find it WET? Blech.

I do like your little turtle friend though. Good luck Mr. Turtle!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Hero!
You had a pawesome time at the beach!
Swimming, diving, meeting friends and helping that little turtle!
Kisses and hugs

The Gang at LLB said...

I'm with Bolo Hero...The ocean is WET!!!

My Mama and Daddy go scuber divin with sharks too...Did you get your lobster???


Elizabeth said...

Buster is very jealous of your cool vacation!!!
He has never been to the beach.
Your friends look nice too.SIGH!