A Walk By The Beach

I love walkies by the beach.

There are so many interesting things to discover along the sandy shore...

... as the salty sea breeze blows gently from the ocean.

And I do a lot a marking too at the beach. One never knows what kind of creatures would come out from the water at night to check peemails.

This is a dead jellyfish washed ashore on the beach.

Some of these jellyfish are poisonous, I'm not sure if this one was.

Checking the smell of this thick rope that must have fallen off from a ship and drifted to the shore.

A dead root jutting out from the sand...

... and I try to bite off those tiny shells growing on it.

This must be the tree trunk that came off the root.

Woohoo! Jackpot! Look at the size of this dinosaur bone.

*sniff! sniff!* Oooh... it's a log, bummer.

Oh well, bone or no bone, I will mark it nonetheless.

*sniff! sniff!* This is a cuttle bone...

... which is an internal shell of a squid and it's full of calcium.

A dead fish on the beach.

A sashimi snack perhaps?

*sniff! sniff!* I don't think so.

Hey! A sea coconut... this is fun.

Resting with my sea coconut after some playful chasing with this little nut.

That's why I love the beach so much.

Storks, Squirrels And Walkies

We went to a park for a late afternoon walkie.

There is an observation deck at the park which overlooks the lake.

A flock of pigeons flying across the lake.

Hey look! What is that over there?

It's a congregation of wading birds at the lake bank.

These are painted storks with their distinctive pink tertial feathers.

Look! There is one up above...

... coming in to join the flock.

I get to enjoy a good view of the lake from here...

... and watched the many kind of birds which call the lake their home.

A pair of paddling white pelicans enjoying an evening stroll on the lake.

Enough of bird watching, let's go explore the park.

It's a nice place for walkies, surrounded by trees...

... with interesting benches carved from logs...

... to rest our tired legs.

This is the poisonous pong pong fruit which yields a potent poison, often used for suicide or murder during the old days. The tree is also known as suicide tree.

*sniff! sniff!* I picked up a scent...

... of a squirrel somewhere nearby.

Can you see the squirrel taunting me from behind the tree trunk?

Ooh! I picked up another scent, there must be more than one squirrel among the trees.

I saw it!... and I chased the tree rat around the Japanese bamboo plants...

... until the little fella made his way to the top of the coconut tree for safety.

Having a rest after the tiring chase under the wooden pavilion at the park.

With all the walking and running, I needed to quench my thirst from the lake...

... before continuing my sniffpedition of the place.

Taking a moment to enjoy the view...

... and tranquility of the lake.

Playground by The River

We went on a walkie by the riverbank.

It was a nice sunny afternoon with a gentle breeze.

Where is the playground? Let's go find the playground shall we.

I can see a bridge over there.

Crossing the suspension bridge over the river...

... as it swayed under the wind with squeaking noises.

Woohoo... we finally reached the playground on the other side of the river...

... and I wasted no time checking out the place.

I wonder where does this lead to?

Climbing higher...

... to explore further.

Oops... no more pathway ahead, a dead end.

Now how am I going to get down from here.

This seems pretty scary to me.

Okay... be calm... I can do this.

Whee... easy peasy and that was really fun.

Hey, what is that over there?

Can I climb on this thingy?

No? Okie dokie... whatever you say, Mr. Fun Killer.

Taking a rest on top the cooling park bench...

... while enjoying the surrounding greenery.