As I reflect on my life thus far
It has been a blast with you so far
Filled with unconditional love and affection
I'm truly grateful beyond expression

As I reflect on my life thus far
I'm happy for the many furiends from afar
Sharing our story, tear and laughter
Your furiendship I will cherish long after

As I reflect on my life thus far
Many a pawprint we left on places near and far
Mountains climbed and rivers crossed
Memories made forever embossed

As I reflect on my life thus far
I wish I could put those moments in a jar
Keeping it close to my little pei heart
and wish they will never be apart

- hero -

Of Award and Gas

When it comes to getting blog awards, it's not a matter of having one too many of the same award, but it's the thought that counts, and I'm happy to receive the Sunshine and Sprinkle awards from wyldechylde. Thanks for the wardies, my friend. You are indeed sprinkles of sunshine to all of us.

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This is me in front with the hoomans enjoying a relaxing car ride in the confine of the air-conditioned pei mobile after supper.

In a matter of seconds, the tranquility is broken as the startled hoomans swear and curse... with me at the far back pretending to look at cars...

... as I just stink the hoomans to high heaven with my fart... hey, everyone is innocent until proven guilty, 'kay :)

The SharGle Dance

What do you get when you cross a sharpei with a beagle?

What do you get when a sharpei and a beagle cross each other?
You get the SharGle Dance.

As I was chilling out on the beach...

... Bruce the restless beagle had his eyes set on some groovy frolicking with me.

So we opened the routine with a customary slobber exchange cheek rub...

... followed by Bruce performing the prance step...

... of which I returned with a similar gambol move.

In a passionate stupor, we embraced each other...

... and waltzed in rhythmic unison to the sound of the sea waves.

As the salty sea breeze enveloped our bodies, we "shargled" in canine dance flurries...

... leaving a trail of graceful pawsteps, on the white sandy beach.

An applause to my furiend, as the day come to an end.

From Singapore With Love

A package arrived for me from the city of Singapore. Who could it be from?

It's a gift from my furiend, MadameMoiselle, in celebration of her release from quarantine. Look at the hand sewn star, doggie treats, and pawty hat... thanks, Zelle, you are most kind.

I look like a dunce in this pawty hat... can we skip this and move on.

Now this is better, do I look good in my Burberry tie with the matching blue star.

I feel like a model straight out of Doggie Vogue.

Furry Beach Fun

On such a balmy morning, where the sun is shining...

... and the tide has moved in to the shore...

... what better way to spend the day than some wet furry fun on the beach.

Bruce the beagle inspecting the beach with its acute hunting instinct.

Stout the labrador gladly retrieving his frisbee from the sea.

Rosco the lhasa apso contemplating whether to go into the water or not.

Angel the retreiver getting jiggy in the water.

Hero the sharpei being a busybody ushering a jogger along the beach.

Princess the excited labrador pup telling me how she managed to float on the water.

Bruce the beagle pup having his swimming lesson.

No swimming lesson for me though...

... as I doggy paddle my way across the water...

... in the wide open sea.

Enjoying the salty sea breeze under the warm tropical air.

As I was enjoying a dip in the sea later in the afternoon...

... I saw a familiar face from the beach.

It's the dog pack, which I had an unpleasant encounter with in the past. You can read it here.

Looks like Jumbo still have a bone to pick with me...

... as he remembers my amorous rendezvous...

... with the sweet and gentle Doggy last Christmas.

We try to subdue the aggressive Jumbo by limiting his movement, but he is not too impressed with it.

Leave it to the hoomans to play peacemaker, by putting me into a raft...

... with the obnoxious pair of Jumbo and Winter. Notice how the clouds turn gloomy in an instance, must be all those negative vibes :)

Since we are not at ease with each other, the situation in the raft is awkward to say the least...

... and it does not take long for Jumbo to make his displeasure known.

But in true sharpei spirit, I make an attempt to pacify the situation and disperse all those negative energy by having some small bark with the duo.

I guess it works...

... coz after what feels like a lifetime on the raft...

... we are playing zoomies on the beach like the best of pals... my work is done :)