'Tis the Season to Give

For this Christmas, I asked Santa for lots of treats and nom noms.

Doing stock take on all the goodies from Santa...

... but they were not for me.

It's for an animal shelter called the Furry Friends Farm...

... where every furry kid has a name and a place to stay...

... whilst awaiting for someone to give them some lovin and care.

Season's Greetings

Seasons come and seasons go
but this I wish you to know
Though we may not have met
your presence here I'm truly glad

This has been a wonderful year
of slobbering fun and memories to cheer
Many a fur friend I have made, young and old
from places afar I've been told

To all the dogs everywhere
small or big I don't care
At the shelters or on the streets
and not forgetting the rainbow bridge

Hero wishes you a blessed little Christmas
and a happy woof year!

- hero -

Tanjung Sepat

This is a sleepy fishing village by the west coast.

Time seems to stand still over here...

... with it's rustic charm and...

... the whiff of salty sea breeze.

This jetty is known as the Lover's Bridge.

Checking out the fishing boat that docks at the jetty.

I wonder is there any fish in the boat?

A seafood lunch would be good.

Hellooo! Anyone home?

Nope... nobody is in this boat.

*sniff! sniff!*

I don't smell any fish either.

Hey look! There are some crates over at the end.

Sheesh!... nothing here too.

I guess those fish are in the water.

I'm not having a fit... just shaking off my slobbers.

The tide is low during this time of the day.

That's why these boats are stuck over here...

... awaiting for high tide to go out to sea again.

A view from the jetty.

Sun deck at the beach.

The beach at low tide.

The flowering coconut tree...

...and the towering tower tree.

Little kitten by the beach.

A French Breakfast

My little tummy is growling from hunger already... let's eat.

Hmmm, Japanese! Not for today...

... come follow me, I know the way.

Yup, this is the place... a French brasserie.

I like the tranquil scenery here.

It's late morning... the early breakfast crowd has already left...

... which is great, coz we can have the place to ourselves.

*sniff! sniff!*... this smells delicious.

Okay, now I have to put on my best behavior...

... so I can have more of the nom nom.

I love butter... can you see my name on it?

*slurps*... croissant with sausage...

... makes my tongue go on a rampage.

Can you guess what's on the baguette?

It's a palatable red fruit...

... also known as love apple.

Yup, it's grilled tomato with savory butter...

... that makes my tongue go a flutter.


... yum yum.

Wait! I see some crumbs on your finger... let me be the licker.

Now that my tummy is filled, it's time to check for pee-mail.

And to cap off my morning fun...

... with some sniffpedition under the sun.