Award and a Night Walk

In the spirit of Thanksgiving this holiday season, my pal in Texas, Dory gave me this wonderful award. Thanks for thinking of me, my little cutie pie. I would like to pass this on to all my fur friends... everyone that has left their paw prints or sniffs my little blog before. You are all my bloggie friends.

Last night after supper, koko and cheche went out to the local neighborhood store to get some stuff...

... and I took the opportunity to tag along in the car.

Lucky me, I also get to check on some peemails... do excuse my slobber though.

While waiting for cheche to come out from the grocer, koko and I took a little walkie around the area.

More waiting...

... and finally we were on our way back.

Time to go to bed already... good night my dear friends.

It's a Cruel World

I'm watching Animal Rescue on my favorite channel, Animal Planet before my bedtime.

It's a story of Marty, a GSD. Marty has both his front legs inflicted with injury and was deprived of medical attention by his owner which could have saved his legs.

As a result, Marty has to endure untold amount of suffering for the past years as he could only crawl in pain until the injured front legs were almost detached from its deformed elbow joints.

Whilst the irresponsible owner was brought to justice for animal cruelty...

... but justice came too late...

... as Marty's condition was so bad that he has to be put to sleep to ease his suffering.

Dear God, when Marty comes running over the bridge into your arms, please give him a big hug and let him know he can now run free... free from this cruel, cruel world.

Dog Optical Shades

A pressie for me! What's in it?

*sniff! sniff!* Doesn't smell like something I can eat.

It's a doggie sunglasses to protect my eyes from UV rays on the beach and also for open rides in the car.

It comes with interchangeable lenses... here I'm wearing the black color lenses...

... and this is with the yellow lenses.

I would love to try my sun shades on the balcony...

... but unfortunately it has been raining for the past few days.

Oh well, I'll just pretend I'm sunbathing on a tropical beach right now. How do you like my sunglasses?

Canine Country Club

This is the canine clubhouse at the top of the hill.

Here I'm making my way to the hill top with my puppy friends Angel the rotty and Spice the dobby.

Taking a poop break on the way up... hey gals, do you mind!

Yo! Wait for me!

After some trekking...

... we finally made it up the hill.

Let's go check out this place...

... and see if there are any cats around.

Could they be hiding underneath the plank floor?

This is puppy Angel checking for cats under the house.

Puppy Spice finds my slobbering amusing...

... so I let her has the honor of experiencing my slobber shower.

Oops! Did my saliva hit you too?.. hehe.

Watching the day goes by at the patio of the house.

We have to go already? But the cows have not come home yet...

Playground Fun

Morning sun breaking through the flame of the forest tree.

Making our way to the playground.

Let's check out the place...

... and see what fun we can have here.

Hey! This is no fun... I don't get to play with it.

I'm going to climb up this thing and look for something more fun.

What is a dog to do for fun up here?

Nothing interesting at the other end...

... ohhh! This could be fun over here!

Okay... be brave, hero... be brave!

I can do it!

Here I goooo...!


Boy... that was really fun.

Hey cheche! You are missing the fun over there.