It's My Bad, Ms. Putty Tat

So, the Mango Minster dog show is in full swing now and the impending judgement day is fast approaching. The entries are pouring in for all the categories and the appointed judges have been kept busy scouring through all the formidable contestants. As for me, I'm competing under the Bad Sports category. I'm please to report that no amount of bribes (not for the lack of trying) can seem to sway the honorable judge in Ike, the boston terrier. As such, it's going down to the wire in choosing the deserving winner for this category and Ike has called on all entrants to do a post on why we're such a bad sport. With that, in the name of sportdogship or in this case should I say non-sportdogship, I will spill the beans with this shameless bad sport post.

Ike has been most kind by putting it subtly "Perhaps you like to chase a cat for fun... consider yourself a bad sport!". Well, chase a cat I did, but the fun was all mine as the cat ended close to 40-feet up on the tree top.

This happened sometime back when my hoomans took me for a walk at the park. Since it was late afternoon and the park was kind of empty, koko decided to unleash my goodself for some casual running around. But little did he know there was a cat nearby and before he could uttered the HBO words, I went after the cat like a mad rabid dog on steroid. The terrorized cat ran for its dear life and climbed onto the top of a tree faster than one can say Jack Robinson. What goes up must come down, as the saying goes but in this case, what went up stayed up until the rescue team from Fire & Rescue Department arrived... oops, my bad.

Fire truck at the park... not a good sign.

A personnel from the rescue team starting his climb up...

... the 40-feet tree. Can you spot the cat?

After a careful ascend, the fireman almost reaching the target.

Tauwght I taw a putty tat!

Finally the cat was in safe hands.

I have to observe all the actions at the side...

... as I was not allowed to go near in case the cat saw me again.

Cat in the sack on the way down.

Mr. Owner of the cat was pretty cool about the incident...

... but Ms. Putty Tat was not too please with it... understandably.

Get that freaking dawg away from me! I want a restraining order! Where's my lawyer?

No animal was hurt in the dramatic event, but resulted in a traumatized feline, almost had a heart-attacked hoomans, some taxpayers' money and perhaps a missed donut-break for four firemen. Oh! I forgot, and the making of a bad, bad sport.

You Know I'm Bad, I'm Bad
You Know It
You Know I'm Bad
You Know, Hoo!
You Know I'm Bad, I'm Bad
You Know It, You Know
And The Whole World Has To
Answer Right Now
Just To Tell You
Once Again...
Who's Bad?

- Michael Jackson


Kapitein Haakje said...

hahaha love the song :D

waah that was a very good story with that cat!
am glas that the kittycat is save!!!

El'bow & Hauwii

Unknown said...

Glad the kitty was saved.
May I know which park you went for a walk to? See if I can take my dawgs over there sometime :) Thanks.

Fiona, as typed by Dr. Liz said...

That's Impressive! TaiChi is BAD, but she's never done anything that has resulted in the having the Authorities called. (She had a brother named Billy, a toy poodle, of whom the same cannot be said - Billy actually bit a Mormon Missionary who made the mistake of coming on his porch; unfortunately, Billy got hauled off to the clink for a couple of days for that! Alas, he is no longer with us, or he'd be totally entered in the Bad Sport category!) You are most definitely BAD!!!

*kissey face*

Lorenza said...

That episode makes you the best in the Bad Sports category!
Glad everything went well at the end!
Kisses and hugs

The Oceanside Animals said...

hello hero its dennis the vizsla dog hay nice wurk!!! it is just like the kitty in the tree in the faymus dokyoomentry plezzantville!!! ok bye

Dexter said...

Excellent demonstration of bad sport behavior. I am sure Ike will be impressed.


Cleo said...

Hi Hero!

Glad it all ended well...woof!

Cleo @grouchypuppy

Kasha The Dainty Great Dane said...

Oh Hero,

I don't know what the other competition looks like but you should win paws down!! That's a great story but wow that was a very big tree for the kitty to have must have scared him to death that he just kept climbing.

AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

Emily and Ike said...

Excellent showing! You are very bad, indeed!

The Gang at LLB said...

Oh my goodness Hero, I would have never guessed such a good dog could be soooooo bad! You will win for sure!!


Elizabeth said...

What an adventure, Hero!
I bet the cat does not love you very much.
but you were only doing what a dog has to do
love from

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

I would let you catch me but you would never corner me up a tree like that! I am faster than the wind!
Pee Ess: your post made my mom laugh, and I got mad at my mom cuz she should be on my side!

Dog Foster Mom said...

Wow Hero, that is quite impressive Bad Sportingness. I have never managed to do anything so bad that firemen or policemen were called. And the highest I ever managed to chase a cat was to the top of a cat tree - not nearly as exciting. You are an inspiration to all of us Bad Sports!

Your Bad Sport friend,

Taffy said...

I would of done the exact same thing! Cats are made for us to chase!

Anonymous said...

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