Running Around

Morning Walk

I want to go for a walk.

Don't waste time... hurry up, will ya!

Open the gate quick.

Hi Goldy... want to come out to play?

Morning blessing.

Hey! Do you mind... can I have some privacy... sheesh.

Ok official business done... let's go catch some cats.

Yo Easter... did you see any cats?

What! The cats are having an off day? Sheesh...

Oh well... a drink a day keeps the cats at bay.

Time for my morning nap... *eyes shutting*

Home Bound

*somewhere over the south china sea*

Is that koko coming home?

*lick*... hero miss you.

Waiting for Dinner

Stretching my body.

Hey I smell food.

Yummy, yummy.

When Morning Breaks

Checking out the neighbourhood from the balcony.

When Night Falls

Heading upstairs to sleep.

Courtyard, viewed from hallway .

Hallway lightings.

Getting ready for bed.

Sweet dream... zzz.