Japanese Dining

This time we get to go to a Japanese restaurant for some yummy nommies.

Getting 'seated' at our table...

... making myself comfy there whilst keeping an eye on the kitchen.

Oooh, the waiters are preparing tonight's dinner menu.

Prolly I can give some of my discerning pei gastronomical suggestion.

Hey ladies, can I suggest chopped liver and bones topped with sprinkles of kibbles in the menu. No?

Okay, fine! I'll save my suggestion for a real connoisseur then... pfttt!

What do hoomans know about fine gourmet dining.

Ooh, hi! My name is hero... what is your name?

California hand rolls... yummmmy.

Fried chicken wings... yummmmy.

Waiting for a bite of all the yummy food on the table.

... and still waiting... oooh, that's fish sausages stuffed with cheese *slobbering*... and still waiting.

Helloooo! Are we forgetting something here?

Can the two of you save your endless chattering till we reached home coz there's a dog dying of hunger under the table.

Geeez... I can't really take you two out, can I?

Now this is more like it... nom nom nom.

Can we order some desserts?

Sheesh! What is a dog to do to be taken seriously here.


Unknown said...

Hero with that cute face I cant believe they didnt give in and give you some nom noms earlier!
Awesome trip to the foodie place!

Fred and Haylie

pam said...

We are packing our bags and comin to live where you live Hero. Can you believe that we cannot go to restaurants here? The noive...

Bobo and Meja

Unknown said...

We are beginning to really love where you stay. We aren't allowed into even the cafeteria, forget gourmet retaurants here. Only sometimes Mummy convinces the people in open air restaurants to let us in.
You are one lucky guy.
Did you get that sweet little girl's phone number?
Bud n Gin

Unknown said...

I'd love to have seen you swim !!!
Isn't it great when humans and dawgs can sit together and eat in a restaurant?

Two Pitties in the City said...

Does that restaurant always let dogs inside? Or was it a special dog event. In Chicago dogs are allowed on patios, but there are very few inside locations (mostly bars that don't serve food). That restaurant looked really nice; you were very lucky to eat there.

houndstooth said...

I want to live where you do! I couldn't even walk through our local festival this year because, ooooo, they had a food booth, and you're eating in a restaurant?! The world can be so unfair!


Lorenza said...

That sure is a pawesome place.
Sorry they did not like your dinner suggestions!
Kisses and hugs

The Oceanside Animals said...

Do battle with Godzilla maybe?

Lola and also Franklin, too said...

They just have to start setting a place for you when you go out to eat. I don't see why they don't see that. I hope you got some of that fishy stuff with the cheese. You should so have that. And the chopped liver dish you suggested sounds excellent. It was a mistake not to take your suggestion.

lotsa licks, Lola

georgia little pea said...

oh wow! exactly what everyone else is saying! i got thrown out of an op shop here in sydney, so i'm terribly impressed that you're allowed into a fine looking RESTAURANT like that, hero. xox

MadameMoiselle said...

WHAT A LUCKY BOY ! another new spot !! If only we met way earlier than we could probably hang out together..

I'm so envious you get to go out with your hooman all the time. I lost that privilege since we gave up our boxer mobile to live in Singapore ! hopefully we will get another one soon.


sprinkles said...

I really wish I lived in a more dog-friendly environment like yours! If I ate out on the patio at a restaurant, they'd probably allow me to bring my dog but certainly not inside like that!

Your new little girlfriend is cute, Hero!

Kasha The Dainty Great Dane said...

Hi Hero,

That is so great that you can go out to dinner with your hoomans. We can only go to outside dining establishments here and they are not fine dining by any means. They are so dog friendly in your country. Do other guests in the restaurant give you dirty looks like they would here if you came into a restaurant?? Just wondering.

AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

monica said...

dogs in a restaurant! hm - wouldn't see that here... can I come live with you? please?
Bundy the Bundle of Joy... and looonging for some Japanese treats...

Elizabeth said...

Gosh, I do hope you got SOMETHING
all your patience, Hero

love from Buster

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

Mom says it all looks wonderful and she can see why you are slobbering!

3 doxies said...

Dude, seriously, you gets to go INSIDE da resturants? Dat is da coolest thingy evers.