Boat Cruise at The Mines

A beautiful morning with the frangipani flower in full bloom...

... and little meimei cooing away without a care.

I'm super excited today coz koko promised to take me for a boat ride.

I'm all ready to go.

Finally we are here... Ohh! I see the boat, come follow me.

The boat is starting to move...

... and head towards a canal...

... which runs through a shopping mall.

There are so many water taxis moored along the canal bank in the shopping mall.

We finally emerge from the mall...

... and out into the open sky.

A sense of tranquility beckons over the horizon.

Ahhh! I can feel the fresh morning breeze on my face as the boat cruises along the lake.

There are some upscale residential houses on the lake.

What's this? Safety rules and regulations?

Oops! It says no standing on the boat...

... but standing on four-leg does not count, I guess.

We pass by the shopping mall again on our way back.

This is a bridge inside the mall...

... and this is another bridge on the outside as we approach our disembarkation area.

Once on land, I waste no time in getting to know some furiends.

There is a competition going on at the stage, it is a pizza eating contest for both hooman and dog.

This Jack Russell and his hooman look like a formidable duo...

... as the dog woofs about the team's preparation to the emcee.

Hi there, my name is hero.

Busy as a bee checking peemails everywhere.

This is Kiki. She and her daddy are from Hong Kong.

Taking a breather under the tree... I'm exhausted but it's definitely a fun day.

From Illinois With Love

Oh boy! A package in the mail for me.

Look at all those pressies! Either Santa is getting forgetful or Christmas must have come early this year.

Woohoo! Look at the loot... it's from my good furiend Kasha The Dainty Great Dane in Illinois.

This super duper cute card is handmade by Kasha's momma... how lovely.

Oops! This is not mine, it's for meimei.

Yup! This one is for moi.

Can someone please help me put this on?

Do I look good in blue? I think blue is my color.

There's one more pressie for me...

... and I wonder what could it be?

It's a tuggy toy...

... for me to tug at and play bitey with when I'm bore at home.

The hoomans also get pressies too...

... in the form of a book.

Dog. Bliss. You. Hmmm, wisdom for the hoomans...

... from observing a dog's behavior. There's just so much for them to learn from us.

Oh look! And a sharpei birthday card too!

Isn't the card cute? Kasha's momma sure knows what my hoomans want ;)

Not to be left out, my little sister received pressies too.

Checking out the beautiful dresses for meimei.

I can't wait for meimei to wear her colorful dresses.

Wait! What's this and what does it say...

... a little surprise inside for meimei?

It's a miniature cake with a flickering candle on top... how cute can that be.

And it is handmade by Kasha's momma too... can you believe that! She is one talented lady.

Thank you so much, Kasha and momma. I'm such a lucky dog to have a furiend like you and we will always cherish the lovely pressies.