Gopeng Rainforest

We made a sniffpedition to the deep rainforest of Gopeng.

Hitching a ride on a truck... we made our way along the bumpy road to the mountain.

We drove through bushes and lush undergrowth approaching the rainforest...

... before continuing the journey on paws.

Making our way into the jungle at the foot of the mountain.

It was a treacherous hike up the sloping terrain surrounded by a diversity of tropical plants but I had a good time sniffing the jungle for its entire flora splendor.

I wore my cooling vest on the hike. Besides cooling my body, the vest provides protection from dangerous creatures and for visibility in the jungle.

Among the many creatures we encountered was a baby monitor lizard, which can grow up to seven feet in length upon reaching adulthood.

We also spotted a Golden Silk Orb spider, which makes the largest and strongest web in the world. This spider is also known to eat small birds.

After a seemingly endless hike through the unforgiving tropical rainforest...

... we finally arrived at our camp for the night...

... and I wasted no time in checking out the place.

Taking a rest under the rubber tree.

Chilling outside our abode which is a simple hut constructed using timber, rattan and split bamboo for walls and flooring.

A stream running below our hut which also double as a convenient latrine.

Getting ready for the night as the sun set.

In the silence of the dark night, I was awaken many a time by the sound of wild animals scavenging for food near our hut.

But I managed to catch forty winks...

... before the sun rise and a new adventure awaits us.

Without any delay, we set out for a trek to the river for some wet fun.

After an hour of jungle trekking, we reached Kampar River, bordered on both sides by dense green forest, crawling vines and misshapen trees.

There were huge boulders on the river...

... which made it quite a challenge to move about atop those rocks.

Hey! Wait up, cheche.

Walking on these rocks really pushed my gymnastic abilities to the limit.

Great! Now I'm literally stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Meanwhile, koko and cheche with their hooman friends put on their floating vest...

... and jumped into the fast flowing rapids for something fun called body rafting.

- to be continued -


sprinkles said...

Your country is GORGEOUS!!! I would love to go there someday.

That little monitor lizard is kind of cute when it's small like that. I didn't know it could get up to 7 feet long!

That spider is scary! Small birds? Seriously?! Yikes!

Priscilla said...

Hero, looks like you had another great adventure!! lucky boy :D

little princess Luna~ said...

BODY RAFTING~?! hero--omd~!! we loves your posts--sooooo many adventures~!!
i shall call you professor hero~!!
WOWOWOWOW~!! very cool--thank you for sharing prof. hero~!! :D

be safe though--i don't want those jurassic park creatures to eat you up!! :(


Dory and the Mama said...

What an adventure!!! I am so enjoying it and can't wait for the next installment!!


Lola said...

These adventures seem to be getting more daring and spectacular all the time. I don't even want to think about what you'll do to top this one. Is there nothing that makes you nervous - other than the roomba? Because, for one thing, it seems to me that where there's a little monitor lizard, there must be a much bigger, grown-up one nearby. And that's just one thing that might make me a tad nervous in the jungle. I guess you really are the Indiana Jones of Shar Pei. Just be careful out there! I can't wait for the next installment.

wags, Lola

Lorenza said...

Adventures! Adventures!
I love them, Hero!
You found interesting creatures there!
Your vest is cool... literally!
Kisses and hugs

Boo Casanova said...

hey hero, is that adeline's rest house? after reading your sekeping serendah retreat post, mommie and dadee are planning to take me and dopes too.

and this post is useful (for our future adventure). lol

wet wet licks


Life With Dogs said...

You have the greatest adventures. We have no such sights here!

Mango said...

I was with you until the crazy humans went body rafting! EEEEEE! Of course momma FREAKED over that spider, but I think it was all a grand adventure.


MadameMoiselle said...

I have to say, another awesome adventure! How i wish my hoomans can bring me there too..

The cooling vest is so cool! I believe all furfriends in Asia should have one too ! To keep us all cool and nice ..

Hero, you are so brave to stay in the forest with all the wild animals.. The last time we were at cherating, i couldnt catch much sleep cuz of all the foreign noises outside the room..

Keep up the adventures!

wags and wiggles

monica said...

amazing surroundings - what a spectacular adventure! thanks or sharing - loved it! will be back for part 2. I couldn't imagine jumping into the raging river like that!

Thanks for your comment - we'll see what the vet says in a couple of days..

Teal'c said...

Your excursions look like so much fun! And you have a COOLING VEST! We have never heard of such a thing here but it might be a good idea for the Australian summer too... What is the brand, my hooman asks?!

The body rafting looks like something my hoomans would enjoy as well! :)

Slobbers Teal'c

Twix said...

Oh how I would love to join you on one of these wonderful adventures. You would have to make sure there are no spiders bigger than me though. You look very handsome in your vest ;o)

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

You are truly the manly dog. A rock in a hard place is not a challenge for you!

Angelina Jullie said...

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