Dog Pile Contest

In conjunction with the Mango Minster Dog Show, there are numerous side shows happening simultaneously and one of the sanctioned events is the Dog Pile Contest organized by Biggie. Whilst most dogs need to undergo hours of daily training for such a demanding contest, me on the other hand, is a natural when it comes to dog pile. Below is my entry for the contest.

Can you spot the piles on my tooshie?

Yes, I know... what can I say, I'm a Bad Bad Sport.

It's My Bad, Ms. Putty Tat

So, the Mango Minster dog show is in full swing now and the impending judgement day is fast approaching. The entries are pouring in for all the categories and the appointed judges have been kept busy scouring through all the formidable contestants. As for me, I'm competing under the Bad Sports category. I'm please to report that no amount of bribes (not for the lack of trying) can seem to sway the honorable judge in Ike, the boston terrier. As such, it's going down to the wire in choosing the deserving winner for this category and Ike has called on all entrants to do a post on why we're such a bad sport. With that, in the name of sportdogship or in this case should I say non-sportdogship, I will spill the beans with this shameless bad sport post.

Ike has been most kind by putting it subtly "Perhaps you like to chase a cat for fun... consider yourself a bad sport!". Well, chase a cat I did, but the fun was all mine as the cat ended close to 40-feet up on the tree top.

This happened sometime back when my hoomans took me for a walk at the park. Since it was late afternoon and the park was kind of empty, koko decided to unleash my goodself for some casual running around. But little did he know there was a cat nearby and before he could uttered the HBO words, I went after the cat like a mad rabid dog on steroid. The terrorized cat ran for its dear life and climbed onto the top of a tree faster than one can say Jack Robinson. What goes up must come down, as the saying goes but in this case, what went up stayed up until the rescue team from Fire & Rescue Department arrived... oops, my bad.

Fire truck at the park... not a good sign.

A personnel from the rescue team starting his climb up...

... the 40-feet tree. Can you spot the cat?

After a careful ascend, the fireman almost reaching the target.

Tauwght I taw a putty tat!

Finally the cat was in safe hands.

I have to observe all the actions at the side...

... as I was not allowed to go near in case the cat saw me again.

Cat in the sack on the way down.

Mr. Owner of the cat was pretty cool about the incident...

... but Ms. Putty Tat was not too please with it... understandably.

Get that freaking dawg away from me! I want a restraining order! Where's my lawyer?

No animal was hurt in the dramatic event, but resulted in a traumatized feline, almost had a heart-attacked hoomans, some taxpayers' money and perhaps a missed donut-break for four firemen. Oh! I forgot, and the making of a bad, bad sport.

You Know I'm Bad, I'm Bad
You Know It
You Know I'm Bad
You Know, Hoo!
You Know I'm Bad, I'm Bad
You Know It, You Know
And The Whole World Has To
Answer Right Now
Just To Tell You
Once Again...
Who's Bad?

- Michael Jackson

Mango Minster

That's right, Mango the relentlessly huge mastiff is having its annual Mango Minster 2010 and I'm a Comp-Pet-Itor this year. The category I will be competing in is none other than Bad Sports.

Lord Judge Ike

The questionable honorable judge for this category is Ike, a boston terrier and the reigning Bad Sport winner of last Mango Minster. What the AKC standard fails to tell you about boston terriers is that they are known to be very meticulous in their daily routine and would pay attention to the minutest of details; and to have them as a judge would be incredibly stressful for the contestants to say the least.

This is the kind of effort only a boston terrier would go through as god forbid there should be any fleas on the contestants.

No part is small enough to escape the scrutiny of a boston terrier protruding little eyes...

... and the inquisitive nature of a boston terrier will have you snort-searched from head to tail.

As with all dog shows, this one is no exception (but exceptional at the same time). Apart from physical appearance, all contestants would be judged by their temperament too. However, at Mango Minster, in order to have any inkling of tasting victory, everydog must bring out their dark side in the Bad Sports category. May the force be with you, my fellow contestants. It's time to open the closet and show those incriminatory evidence.

Boating Fun

We are going to a market located upstream on the river...

... by taking a boat.

Engine, check! Fuel, check! Life vest, check! All system ready to go.

Wheeee!... This is so much fun!

I can feel the wind on my wrinkly face.

The river and its bank are interesting places with plenty of senses to figure out.

The putrid smell of the muddy mangrove swamp,...

... the call of the roosting migratory birds...

... and a sky filled with heavy overcast clouds.

We are going under the bridge...

... and approaching the disembarkation area. Can you see the police patrol boat?

I can see many fishing boats...

... that lined up at the stilt jetty.

Here I am waiting for my hoomans at this makeshift pontoon whilst they go to the market.

Funny looking crabs at the market...

... display of various fresh fish for sale...

... and foot's long squids too.

This cat sure knows where to hang out... and he's not happy to have his picture taken.

Finally done with the marketing. All on board! Ship ahoy I say!

On the way home from the market...

... I see small fishing boat coming back from sea...

... large fishing boat undergoing maintenance check...

... and huge fishing vessel moored beside the wharf.

Hmmm... wonder what is inside this huge vessel.

According to this compass thingy, koko said we're heading south-east, whatever that is.

Picking up speed on the straight run.

The boat rolls and rocks whilst taking a high-speed corner maneuver.

It's safer for me to lie down so I won't get tossed out to sea.

The tranquility of life by the river.

Awards and Afternoon Day Out

The good folks at The Clampets gave me an award recently. It's called the Circle of Friends award. Thanks for the honor. The rules for this award are:
  1. Publish it on your blog, referring the friend who passed it on to you.
  2. Share 5 things you like to do.
  3. Pass it along to keep the circle growing.
Well, the five things I like to do in no particular order are; going for long walks, bumming at the beach, eating my favorite roasted chestnuts, getting belly rubs and taking baths... just kidding on the last one. Last but not least would definitely be getting to know pawsome furry friends. And with that, I would like to pass this award along to ALL my furry friends out there.

Speaking of awards, my lovely Chihuahua furiend, Cocorue also gave me this beautiful Showing Some Love award. Chikisses coming your way, Coco. The rule is to share this award with at least five friends, but I would like to share this award with ALL my furry friends.

I get to follow my cheche and koko to downtown today. Here I'm waiting for the big moving box to come.

It's here... let's go in.

Oh look! Nom nom places.

I'm feeling a little hungry... can we take a bitey?

Hmmm... the pictures in the menu of this one look appetizing.

What are you having?

Can I have some too?

I'll just chillax around here.