Spectacular Tougue-tacular Contest

This is my entry for the Spectacular Tougue-tacular Contest by Anna the GSD. Anna is having a contest for fur friends with any nice or silly pictures that can be shared among DWBs. Do drop by and participate, it's fun.

A Peek at Ruby's

Whenever we make a trip to Cherating for sun, sea and sand, we would put up at a pet-friendly place called Ruby's Resort. Here's a little peek at the place.

This is Tiger, the resident cat that strayed into Ruby's and called it home.

The land tortoise taking a walk under the sun.

Mushrooms sprouting on the wet grass after some stormy days.

Silhouette of the shower head against the dawn sky.

I saw this thingy raced down the beach this morning.

This is the patio of our room...

... where I like to sit and watch the day goes by.

Here I'm watching TV in the room.

The bunnies at the resort having their lunch.

This is Stout the resident dog asking me to play with him.

A view of the garden... please excuse my pal Stout doing his business.

A pair of resident geese...

... whom were not too happy with my presence.

Down at the beach.

Stretched out on the cool sand enjoying the sea breeze.

Life's a beach when we're at Ruby's.

Run Wild, Run Free

I'm running wild...

... and I'm running free.

It's has been a while...

... and I need my spree.

But too much of such wiles...

... maketh a tire thee.

Smiley Fest 2009 Entry

My friend Dory is running a contest for furkids to submit smiley entries and this is my big laugh entry. Hope you enjoy my sharpei laughter.

Hero : Do you know what is the difference between a hooman blogger and a dog who blogs?
Koko : What's the difference?

Hero : One does twice the amount of work... hahahahaha!
Koko : -__- ... go away, I'm driving!

Genting Highlands

Are we there yet?

Pine trees! Yes we have reached 1850 meters above sea level.

Taking the world's fastest cable car system...

... over a 100 million year old forest up to the resort.

Ahhh... fresh mountain air and sunshine.

Oh look! What is that thingy...

... and I wonder why are those people screaming?

Looking down at the valley with koko.

Enjoying the view from the top.

I'm hungry, let's go grab a bite.

Yummy, my favorite cakes from Starbucks.

I saw a temple down there... let's go check it out.

This is the entrance of the temple.

The view from the temple.

Part of the huge temple building.

The pagoda standing majestically at 9-storey high...

... and the huge statue of Buddha overlooking the valley down below.

I saw hundreds of lanterns floating in the sky...

... and colorful guardian dragons at the roof too.

Hi there baby elephant, you sure left a lot of pee-mail here.

Where's your mommy?

Yikes! Did you just fart?

Taking in the smells (I mean the fresh air and not the gas from our friend) before leaving.

I'm so tired I can hardly open my eyes on the way home.