Am Fine But Bored

The ouchie on my leg has finally healed up after endless daily cleaning by the hoomans and the power of the paws from my furiends. The open gap on my skin has closed and all I have now is a scar to remind me of the painful ordeal.

Same goes to the ouchie below my tooshie, the affected skin has dropped off and the gapping hole is almost healed. I'm feeling much better now.

However, for the many weeks when I was having bad sickies, I was really bored out of my pei mind...

... except for the time when meimei came home, I was so thrilled to see her... ohh, and she smells nice too.

The hoomans are super duper busy with my little sis, which means I have to wait for my next adventures and also meimei is too young to play zoomies with me for now... so, in the meantime, I just spend most of the day talking to T-Dog, drowning our boredom together.

Power of the Paws for Twix

My girl, Twix is having a real bad sickie and needs plenty of healing vibes from everyfurry... please hop over and send some power of the paws to Twixie girl. Any information on her sickie is much appreciated as the diagnosis from the vet is not conclusive.

The Stork Finally Came

On a nice sunny morning, cheche and I were having our breakie at our favorite place.

A wholesome meal to start the day...

... while I put on my bestest behavior and waited for my nommy.

It wasn't long before cheche started to get ouchie on her tummy and off to the hooman VET place they went.

According to koko, cheche spent 4 hours in this room but cheche said it was like 48 hours.

And finally, my little sister, meimei, came into this world.

She is just like me... coz she slobbers...

... and she yawns and sleeps a lot.

I think we are gonna get along just fine :)