Awards and a Hunt

My little chihuahua furiend, Cocorue, gave me this nice award in conjunction with friends appreciation day. Thanks, Coco, you're the sweetest and definitely the sprinkles on our life indeed.

My visla furiend, Dennis the Visla also presented me with this pawsome sunshine award. Dennis together with Tucker, Trixie and Trouble the kitty, always has interesting and entertaining shows going on at their blog. I would like to pass the awards along to all my furiends out there. Please accept the awards for you all are my sunshine.

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Meanwhile in the stillness of the African night, a predator is on the hunt. He is stalking his prey under the moonlit sky, moving slowly and carefully into striking distance before making his move.

With a sudden pounce, the prey is ambushed and brought down without a chance of escaping its death grip.

The powerful jaw muscle of the fearless hunter tears out the limb of its prey in a single bite.

Retreating to the safety of his lair, the predator starts devouring its fresh kill.

The taste of blood and flesh is a welcome change, as the predator has gone without food for days in the harsh untamed African wilderness.

If only this kill can last through the drought season until the rain brings life back to this unforgiving savanna.

Note from koko: This is what happens when one watches too much Animal Planet on Discovery channel.
Pei ess: The stuffie involved is as good as new after its limb re-attachment surgery. No other stuffies were harmed in the imaginary role play exercise.


We took a breather from city life with an excursion to the outskirt of town.

A casual ride along the coastal trunk roads...

... to a small town by the name of Sekinchan.

We were greeted by makeshift stalls along the road...

... selling local produce such as fragrant mangoes, juicy rose apples...

... and sweet corns too.

I find the vast openness of the countryside really refreshing...

... especially for a city dog like me.

The rustling of the tall grass against the afternoon breeze...

... and a sense of tranquility that emits through the surroundings.

Enjoying a stroll...

... by the countryside.

Taking in the warm afternoon sun amid...

... the picturesque landscape of a tropical paddy field.

Rice grain on paddy plant awaiting harvest.

This square building is a huge swiftlet house for birds' nests harvesting, which also acts as a resting place for migratory birds.

A view by the riverbank along the coastal village...

... where the hoomans had their afternoon nom nom.

Such a blissful idyllic life here.

A Day at the Dog Park

Time to visit the dog park again after a hiatus... blame it on the hoomans.

I get to meet many furiends at the park... starting with this golden retriever.

Saying hi to this little white poodle...

... and this poodle came complete with her uniform.

Yorkshire terrier looking pretty...

... and the basset hound feeling thirsty.

Giving my wet nose greeting to the basset hound.

This maltese seems to have something to tell me...

... while this afghan hound is giving me the stares.

I must say those fur sure requires grooming often.

This is a menacing looking pitbull...

... with two watchful siberian huskies.

I also get to meet this chow chow puppy...

... who is quite interested to sniff me out.

This bull terrier comes complete with his favorite jersey...

... but this bulldog finds him strange.

This rottweiler puppy is giving me the customary sniff out...

... and this little poodle wanted to sniff me too.

Here I'm striking up a greeting with these sheltie sheepdogs.

This south african mastiff puppy is so playful...

... his owner needs to muzzle up his mouth.

What a day at the park, I'm dog-tired.

Chinese Lunar New Year

Today, the world celebrates St. Valentine's day... but it is also the first day of the Chinese lunar calendar... so we celebrate Chinese New Year.

Keeping up with tradition, the celebration involves a hearty reunion dinner spread on new year's eve...

... and the night will end with some loud firecrackers to welcome the new lunar calendar.

And I like to join in the action too.

Wheee!... Let's play some firecrackers...

... and start the new year with a bang.

Whoa... this firecracker is loud and fiery... better step back.

This one is burning out already...

... by giving out smoke and the acrid smell of sulfur in the air.

I'm not afraid of this little spinning ball of fireworks.

Fireworks lighting up the starry night...

... and bright sparkles to my delight.

Here's wishing everyone a blessed Year of the Tiger.