Just A Casual Day

Busy sniffing at the plants.

Hey, I'm bore. Can we go for a ride?

Red and orange dusk sky scenery.

I'll be your night vision co-driver, kay!

On second thought, you drive, I want to enjoy the nocturnal sights.

Hurry up with the groceries, I'm sleepy already.

Vomiting Yellow Bile

Throwing up yellow bile in the morning on an empty stomach... *puke!*.
Btw, if you happen to land on this page because you had searched google as you're concerned with your dog throwing up... no big deal, we do that quite often as a way to rid our body of acidic juices in our tummy. Give your dog a meal or some treats would help to ease the nausea feeling.

Perak Cave Temple

We went to visit a temple which is inside a limestone cave.

This is the Fu Lion. Do you know that the ancient Chinese sculptors modeled lion statues after native dogs in China which are called Fu Dogs... and sharpei is one of the Fu Dogs... isn't that cool!

Hey, I saw a mix terrier dog... let's go and say hello.

Hi! My name is hero. What's your name?

Let's go find some buried ancient treasures... I can sniff them out.

*sniff! sniff!*... nothing here.

What! The treasures have been taken by Jack Sparrow... sheesh.

Man... probably there are still some treasures in the lake.

Oh! Guan Yin is overlooking me... better not misbehave.

Let's go to the chinese pavilion over the other end.

Time to go! Oh man... I have not finish gallivanting yet.

My friends came out to say goodbye.

See ya later... aligator.

Even the monkey came out to say farewell.

Roadtrip to Ipoh

Waiting for koko taking a leak at the rest area along the freeway.

Finally arrived... shaking my head silly to rid motion sickness.

What is there to do here?

Colorful orchids.

Let's go check out this place.

Open the gate please... hero wants to go out.

Oh! mango... sweet.

Surveying the neighbourhood for cats.

So this is where koko stayed during his wee wee days.

Nice and quiet.

Central Park, Bandar Utama

Enjoying my ride to the park.

Can I swim here? But the water is not too inviting... sigh!

Hi! I'm hero... what's your name?

All groomed, prim and proper shih tzu.

Oh! A poodle, let's check her out... literally.

This is little Mindy, a 5-month old german shepherd.

The legendary Barry lives on.

A beautiful bloom at the sidewalk.

Tagged For An Award

I was given an award by Twix, my friend at Kansas City. Thanks Twix. The name of the award literally means "Your blog deserves to be shot".... *click click*

Here are the rules:
  1. Post it to the blog and link to who gave it to you.
  2. Choose five life situations that could be repeated in slow motion and explain why.
  3. List twelve blogs and let them know you've given them the award.
Here are the five life situations I would like to be in slow mo...

Meal time. I love cheche's cooking... yummy.

Walk in the park. I like meeting new friends.

Car ride. I enjoy riding in the car with cheche and koko.

Chilling out at home. I'm a homey dog...

Going to the beach. Yes... I absolutely adore the beach, the sea breeze and all the galivating around.

As I'm new in the dog blogshere and thus do not have many friends, and also perhaps most of the other fellow dog blogs would already have received the award. However, I would like to give this award to the following;
Chloe and gang, Pickles and gang and Buster. Hope you like it. Woof!

Hey! That's My Dinner

*cheche pretending to eat hero's dinner at the kitchen*

Weekend Flower Market

Can we go to the mall instead?

Ohh, we are here.

Let's go buy some plants.

Follow me... I know where the pretty plants are.

There!... the colorful ones.

Helloooo! How much are these plants?

Which one to buy? Decisions, decisions...

*sniff! sniff!* Hmmm... these are sweet.

I'll get the red ones.

The yellow ones are nice too... next time, kay!

One day, I will learn to drive this car.

Oh look! Kites.

Can I have one pleassssseee...

The spidey one is cool.