Award and Ice-Cream

I was bestowed the Versatile Blogger award by Zelle, Buddy/Ginger and Luna. Not forgetting Dory and Lola whom also extented the award to me. Thanks a lot, my furiends, I love all of you. The rule says that I must list down seven things about myself. Here goes;
  1. I was born in Indonesia by parents from US and now residing in Malaysia.
  2. I'm allergic to food rich in beta-carotene such as carrot and sweet potato.
  3. I suffer from Sharpei fever occasionally and need my colchicine tablets.
  4. I like to play hide and seek with Cheche and will yelps if I can't find her.
  5. I have my teeth brushed thrice a week at night.
  6. My favorite snack is roasted chestnut.
  7. I like to swim but I dislike baths.
I would like to pass this award to all my furiends that reads my blog and hope you'll accept this little token of appreciation.

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Girls are made of sugar and spice,
and all that's nice
Boys are made of frogs and snails,
and puppy-dogs' tails

Recently, my girl, Twix, was having a boo-boo period and not feeling too chirpy, so Twix's thoughtful daddy gave her some ice-cream to cheer her up. Well, one thing I can tell ya for sure, there's a huge difference between Twix and me when it comes to having our ice-cream.

With such an angelic expression, Twix would politely asked for a share of the ice-cream...

... where she would softly licked the ice-cream with such femininity of a lady.

On the other paw, as for me, I would just forcefully launched myself towards the ice-cream and started licking clumsily...

... making sure I slurped up every drop before giving the hooman my dissatisfied "Is that all?" look.

*Overheard the hooman:* With hero, we can throw etiquette out of the window.

Okay, I gotta go, I think they ate the baguette and threw it out the window.


little princess Luna~ said...

BOL~! aw my hero you are so adorable after eating your ice cream~!! :)

your very welcome on the award~!! :D


Lola said...

Hero, that's perfectly good Pei etiquette or peitiquette. Hey, I just made that up and I think I like it! Anyway, one thing that we Pei can do as well or better than anyone is express pleasure on our faces. Whether it's ice cream or a pawticularly good chest scratch we look like we have acheived Nirvana if we're really into it. You can't take a delicate approach to that. BTW, I love your "Is that all?" look. I'm going to practice that look. I think it might come in real handy.

wags, Lola

sprinkles said...

I love the look on your face in that last picture!

I'm too much of a pig to ever share any ice cream with my little chihuahuas but I don't imagine that they'd ever be very graceful about eating it.

sprinkles said...

Oops, almost forgot! Congrats on the award.

Priscilla said...

BOL Hero. I love the last picture of you! What a regal Sharpei!!
You are just too funny!
Thanks for the award :D

elbouwii said...

love ya icecream face :D

El'bow & Hauwii

Boo Casanova said...

hahahaha, like your WTF look. but i'll recommend your human to change to McDonal's cone. dopes gets his own cone (usually dadee will help himself on the top part b4 passing to dopes) he's an expert in licking the cone.

while me? well.... *shy* i get spoon fed by mommie. mom will normally request for a spoon and fed me with the spoon just to avoid my beard getting messy.

wet wet licks


Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Hi Hero, I found you in Zelle's blog, guess what, what a pleasant surprise, you and I share the same birthday September 6th 2006.
I'm so thrilled!
I love your blog, would you like to be my friend to share some laugh and joy?

Dennis the Vizsla said...

You can't go wrong with awards AND ice cream!

Dory and the Mama said...

Get that baquette!!!

Smileys & Snuggles!
Dory, Jacob & Bilbo

the booker man said...

gratsers on your awardie! i liked your list of 7 thingies. i didn't know that you had the allergics to that beta carotene stuff. oh, and your roasted chestnut snackie does sound super yummy! i think i'll have to try that sometime!
yes, miss twix, is definitely a dainty little lady, but you totally made me giggle with your ice cream eating ways. teeheehee!
the booker man

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Baguette, YES, that the skinny delicious French bread.
And etiquette? Haha, never know such a word and will not apply it in my life.
And by the way, would you please swing by my blog to look at my family portrait, finally my mom came out from her shyness to say hello to all of you.

Cleo the Grouchy Puppy said...

Hero! You are such a boy! But in a good way. J'adore!

Twix said...

Oh Hero! You make me laugh! Trust me, I am not dainty in the just makes it look that way. I am a bit pushy when I really want a taste ;o)
I loved your list and we need to make one too.

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

You make us laugh! Love the last pic.
Nice to know those things about you too.

Martine said...

Hi Hero,

Twix sent us over!! Nice to meet you... thank you showing us the difference between you and Twix eating ice cream!

xo martine & the kiddlets