Weekend Flower Market

Can we go to the mall instead?

Ohh, we are here.

Let's go buy some plants.

Follow me... I know where the pretty plants are.

There!... the colorful ones.

Helloooo! How much are these plants?

Which one to buy? Decisions, decisions...

*sniff! sniff!* Hmmm... these are sweet.

I'll get the red ones.

The yellow ones are nice too... next time, kay!

One day, I will learn to drive this car.

Oh look! Kites.

Can I have one pleassssseee...

The spidey one is cool.


Libby said...

Hero, thanks so much for sharing your outing with us! I loved the pix of you sniffing the pretty flowers, that one is great! I'd have to frame that one I believe. Oh, and the kites were soooo pretty, I loved them. Hope your mommy and daddy bought some flowers to put in your yard so you can sniff them, but watch out for the nasty bees!

Twix said...

Looks like you had an adventerous day! Hope you picked out some great flowers for Mom and Dad to plant! ~Twix