Cherating Beach

Are we there yet?

Yippy! We are at the beach!

South China Sea, here I come!

Oops! This wave is strong.

No fear... hero will swim anyway.

Umph! *strong wave*

Here comes another big one!


Better retreat back.

Shit! *wave splash on face*

*choking with sea water*

*cough! cough!*

Yucks!... the water is salty.

I'm going to try again.

Here goes attempt number two.

Easy does it.

Yes, I'm out in the sea...

...and swimming.

Whoohoo! I'm swimming at sea.

Phew! Few rounds and I'm tired.

Boy, the sun is scorching hot.

Need to rest...

I'm going to the shade below the tree.

Have to dry myself first.

Enjoying the scenery...

...and the afternoon sea breeze.

My friend Daisy.

Max came to say hi.

Stout wants to play.

This is Marley.

Blue skies and everything nice.

Sun rise at the beach the next morning.

Morning stroll.

Enjoying the sunrise by the sea.

My moment with cheche.

Marley came to play with me...

...and we play catch by the sea.

The water is calm...

...and serene.

Reflection in motion.


Leaving my paw prints on the sand...

...only for the wave to carry it to the sea. Memories.


Libby said...

Oh, I loved Hero's sea pictures, and hearing all about his adventure. He is so pretty. You take some really great pictures by the way. The ones with the sunrise are just awesome.
It's also great that he gets along so well with all those other dogs.
Way to go Hero! You are awesome.
Hope you coughed out all that yucky sea water.

Amber-Mae said...

Oh look! A Shar-Pei that loves water. Hi Hero! Ruby's Resort is one of my favorite pawliday getaways! Ruby herself & her staff are such nice people. We have not met her Stout yet. Marley belongs to her too? We're definitely going back there someday with my two puppies. Oh, they will have fun!

Solid Gold Dancer + Puppers

hero said...

Thanks Libby, I'm glad you like my pics. Oh yes the water was yucky... I did swallow some from the strong wave.

Hi Amber-Mae, thanks for dropping by. Ruby is indeed a sweet gal and Stout is very playful too. Marley was a guest at Ruby's. Hope to meet you someday.