Fraser's Hill

We went up to the highland resort of Fraser's Hill for some refreshing mountain air.

We followed behind this trailer laden with logs on the way up, but not for long as koko overtook it for a change of view.

And all I got for view was meimei staring at me throughout the whole journey.

Almost there, another 8 kilometers of uphill ascent.

Finally, we arrived at 1524 meters above sea level after hours of climbing winding mountain roads.

The roads in this little quaint town is lined with beautiful flowers.

We took a leisure walk along the pavements and meimei practiced her steps as I watched over her.

Colorful flowers on planter box along the road...

... and I wasted no time checking for any peemails.

After all the walking, the hoomans took a rest on a bench but meimei was still excited and wanted to keep going...

... so I have to keep her entertained for a while.

More pretty flowers...

... for me to sniff.

This golf course on the hill was among the first golf courses in Malaysia, constructed in 1925, that's really prehistoric in dog years.

A serene lake with paddle boats for some fun, but dogs are not allowed to go into the boat... bah!

We arrived at a Tudor-style cottage house that was built in 1926, which evokes the charm of English countryside.

Meimei getting her pony ride on the playground.

Better for her to ride that thingy...

... than to ride on my back, I guess.

I was required to pose for this boring touristy picture, for memory's sake they said... well, it's a dog's life.

Like a new bloom, hope everyone has a fresh and bright start to the year.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Hero!
Sure you all had a great time there!
Meimei is a big girl now!
I loved to see you two!
Kisses and hugs

houndstooth said...

It looks like you and meimei had another exciting adventure! You have such beautiful weather and flowers right now!


KimberlyCun said...

Hello Hero + family! Happy new year from all of us! <3

Charlie, kim + gareth

georgia little pea said...

what a lovely adventure. sounds like you had a very relaxing holiday.

meimei is so big now! before you know it, she'll be bigger than you, Hero.

sprinkles said...

I'm feeling a little jelly after seeing the beautiful weather there!

You're always having such fun adventures, Hero!

Suka said...

hey Hero,

Another wonderful adventure full of fantastic photos! I think MeiMei is smitten with you! You two are very sweet together. The flowers are all so bright and lovely, and the touristy photo of you is great! You are such a good sport, Hero!

The white sweater MeiMei is wearing is so cute, and she looks so adorable in her pink hat.

Glad you had such a fun family adventure!


Kasha The Dainty Great Dane said...

Hello my furiend Hero,

Long time no bark! I'm glad to see you are still having fun on your adventures and Wow is Mei Mei sure growing fast. I'm glad you are taking her along on your journeys.

AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

Teal'c said...

Hi Hero! Happy New Year to you and your family. I hope you are all well.

I have an award for you! Come over to my blog and check it out!!! :)

Slobbers Master T.