Playground by The River

We went on a walkie by the riverbank.

It was a nice sunny afternoon with a gentle breeze.

Where is the playground? Let's go find the playground shall we.

I can see a bridge over there.

Crossing the suspension bridge over the river...

... as it swayed under the wind with squeaking noises.

Woohoo... we finally reached the playground on the other side of the river...

... and I wasted no time checking out the place.

I wonder where does this lead to?

Climbing higher...

... to explore further.

Oops... no more pathway ahead, a dead end.

Now how am I going to get down from here.

This seems pretty scary to me.

Okay... be calm... I can do this.

Whee... easy peasy and that was really fun.

Hey, what is that over there?

Can I climb on this thingy?

No? Okie dokie... whatever you say, Mr. Fun Killer.

Taking a rest on top the cooling park bench...

... while enjoying the surrounding greenery.


Suka said...

hey Hero,

What a fun adventure! The riverbank looks like a great place to hike, but the park looks pawsome! Such a fun place to play and get some puppy exercise! I bet it will be even more fun when MeiMei can join you!

You are very brave to walk on the suspension bridge. I never tried one, but it looks like it could be scary if the wind picked up!


verobirdie said...

What an adventure you had, a suspension bridge and a toboggan. You are a true hero

Mango said...

Thank you for your wonderful comment. It made mom's eyes leak a little, but that's OK.

Hey! Those human playgrounds are total fun, am I right?


monica said...

great fun ! you are such an active guy Hero!

houndstooth said...

That looks like an awesome adventure! You'll be showing Meimei how to do it all in no time!


sprinkles said...

You always have such fun adventures, Hero!

I think my big chi, Shiver, would've cried at the top of the sled. Chico might've slid down it though.

Bolo said...

That looks like it was an AWESOME Noseventure! I don't know about the slide, although Mom said she got my Brother-Who -Came-Before Shih Kwan to go down a slide. I'm just not sure.

Take Care Hero!

Pei-Ess, Nose kisses to your humans!

Maggie and Mitch said...

We have always wanted to go to a playground and slide down the slide! What a fun time you had, Hero!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Dory and the Mama said...

That bridge was a little scary hero...but well worth it to get to the playground!!

Dory, Jacob & Bilbo

Thor said...

Hi Hero. Looks like you had a great time at the playground!

Thor and Jack

Jed and Abby in MerryLand said...

You are such a fearless dude, and truly well-named! Having such a calm dad probably helps; mama would not let us anywhere near a slide for fear we'd break a leg. You're lucky to have so many beautiful, fun places to go - and pawrents who take you there.

Shane Kent Louis said...

whoa!!!what a fun adventure! you really do cross the hanging bridge, that was totally awesome Paws! thumbs up your so very brave! :)

Dog Fence

Lois Lane/Laney said...

I feel worn out just watching your adventures!

Elizabeth said...

What a fun outing to the park, Hero!