Bali, Here I Come... NOT!

The hoomans jetted off for a holiday recently to the island of Bali and left me at home all alone, can you believe that!... I starved for days without water and food and the house was filled with excrement. Okay, maybe not, the hoomans arranged to have someone over to take care of me but that's not the point here. They said that I don't have this thingy called a passport... well, whose fault is that? Life is so unfair when the hoomans get to enjoy a faraway noseventure and here I am, being sedentary gathering cobwebs. Sigh!

Here are some pics of the hoomans noseventure in Bali... as you know, it won't be that pretty since I'm not in it. I told them my furiends come here to see me, not their noseventures... but since I don't have much noseventures nowadays, I guess they can share some of theirs... but this is still my blog.

A temple atop the cliff in Uluwatu...

... which is regarded as one of the most important temples in Bali.

An ancient pavilion in one of the temple courtyards.

This is the statue of a Garuda at the Cultural Park, a large mythical bird that appears in both Hindu and Buddhist mythology.

A statue guarding the entrance to the Royal Temple of Mengwi...

... which was built in the year 1634 by the Mengwi empire.

Whilst the temple ruins tell a story of grandeur and opulence, it also shows evidence of neglect and vandalism.

Another historic temple called Ulun Danu Temple located 1400 meters above sea level in the highland of Bedugul.

The temple is built on the bank of Beratan Lake in the highland that was created from a super volcano eruption many centuries ago.

Hooman puppies having a good time in a puddle of sea water...

... whilst the sun was setting in Tanah Lot.

A romantic dinner for the hoomans at Jimbaran beach during sunset.

Shopping in Ubud and the little pink scooter for the hoomans to do zoomies.

The hoomans donated green papers to this place... hoping to make a difference to the furry friends in the island.

A dead fish washed ashore on Kuta beach.

No surfing as the tide was low in the morning.

Fizzy drinks on a hot afternoon...

... and a cool ride by the beach.

Getting the surf boards ready for the incoming tides and waves.

Traditional Balinese fishing boats by the beach.

Beach soccer, anyone?

Sandy beach, blue ocean, clear sky, sun deck chairs... wish I was there.


georgia little pea said...

That's some holiday! I especially like Garuda and the romantic dinner. It was good of your humans to visit the animal welfare place too. I think that means they were thinking of you, Hero, even though they were on holiday. I hope they brought you back A Nice Gift :)

verobirdie said...

Hero, I know how it feels, my daughter is in Bali, without me too!!!!!!!!!!
Beautiful pictures, btw!

Winterdark said...

Nice pictures, but not enough of you Hero. Maybe we can photoshop you in. It won't be the same but.....

How's your Mom and Puppy doing?


Lola said...

Those are beautiful pictures. The temple on the water is especially wonderful. And of course it was very good of your humans to donate to animal welfare. Still, I just don't see how they could have had a good time without you. They must just be pretending.

Hope all is well with everyone.

lotsa licks, Lola

monica said...

but... you always come along! bet they missed you a lot... Bali sure looks beautiful, amazing with those temples in faraway places.. our cousins husband comes from Bali - their 1,5 year old daughter is a mix of Bali and Denmark; absolutely gorgeous ! you can see pics of her on

Priscilla said...

Looks like a great adventure your hoomans went on. Sorry you couldn't go along :( We've been to Bali too and the exact same places as you!!
Love the pictures!!

Lois Lane/Laney said...

Beautiful pictures! Mom wishes she were there right now, since winter is well under way here!

Aksharaa said...

Oh Hero, those are lovely,lovely pictures. But yes, u are so right...something seems to be missing...
We are sorry u had to stay home alone. Did your hoomans bring u heaps of sea fish from there beach holiday?

thanks , we are glad u like our lil brother's name.
he seems to like it too:)

hav a great weekend,
ginger & buddy

Aksharaa said...

Oh Hero, we came back because we wanted to wish the new hooman puppy best of luck. It is almost coming, u say?
We are sure it will fall in love with u immediately:)
Also please pass on hoooge licks & wags & hugs to your hoomans.

ginger & buddy

houndstooth said...

Those pictures are beautiful, but you're right, it's not the same without you there! What were your humans thinking?


sprinkles said...

Your family always has the most amazing adventures! I'm sorry you had to miss out on this one though. Hopefully you'll get to go on the next one.

How nice of you to share you blog.

Jed and Abby in MerryLand said...

Ah, Hero, we're sorry you got left behind. Don't you think your mom and dad just wanted one last romantic vacation just for the two of them, before the new human puppy comes and they can't do it again for like 18 years? We know they still love you, and we bet you and the human puppy will get to go on all their future vacations. Bet they brought you some nice presents, too.

Jed & Abby

Lorenza said...

Sure they had a pawesome adventure!
Bali is soooo beautiful!
Kisses and hugs

Elizabeth said...

I feel your pain
my people left me alone too
and I got a bad tummy
but they came back

love from

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

Your humans did a good post on Bali but we always love when you show us around. Can't you get a passport?

the booker man said...

wow! that bali place sure is super duper pretty, and i'm glad your hoomans had a nice time...but you are right that it's just not the same without you in the pictures!! i wonder what doggies have to do to get a passport? hmmm. i hope your hoomans brought you back a pressie!

the booker man

Chloe and Libby said...

Looks like your hoomans had a great noseventure Hero!!! I am however very sorry that they didn't take you with them. It would have surely been much more exciting than it was.
Hope you are able to go the next time.
Hugs to you,

Santa, Minnie and Christmas said...

We have always love the pictures that your humans take. The pictures are so beautiful. Our human has been to that place too but her pictures are not as beautiful as what you have here!

Thor said...

Beautiful pictures, Hero. Looks like they had a great time.
Sorry you can't go along.

Thor x

Hound Girl said...

Awww Mr Hero I know your mommy left you in good hands!! :)

Wow Bali was amazing it looks like, im soooo jealous! What an amazing trip!

Anonymous said...

Hi Hero! My mum really liked the pictures and was LAUGHING (can you believe it) at your 1st paragraph saying it sounded just like me - BAH!

Anyway - I think the pictures would have been much better with your handsomeness in them.

Slobbers Master T.