Morning Walk

I want to go for a walk.

Don't waste time... hurry up, will ya!

Open the gate quick.

Hi Goldy... want to come out to play?

Morning blessing.

Hey! Do you mind... can I have some privacy... sheesh.

Ok official business done... let's go catch some cats.

Yo Easter... did you see any cats?

What! The cats are having an off day? Sheesh...

Oh well... a drink a day keeps the cats at bay.

Time for my morning nap... *eyes shutting*


Libby said...

I love the pix of Hero all stretched out after his walk. He must do really well with listening, I noticed some pix he wasn't on a lead. Mine would just keep going the other direction. Hehe

marineboy said...
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marineboy said...

We do not normally put him on a leash unless there are kids or old folks around as they may get uncomfortable. Hero won't stray far from us... unless he sees a cat, that's a different story :)