Serendah Jungle Retreat

Hurry up... we are late.

Are we there yet?

Yeah... we finally arrived.

Our abode for the night, the timber shed.

I want to choose my room first...

Let's go exploring.

Are there dinosaur bones here?

Whoa... this bridge is shaky.

My new resident friend Qdie.

Barbeque dinner... yummy.

Rise and shine... where's breakie.

My friend Qdie came to play.

Checking out the pool.

Should I go for 10 laps or 15 laps?

I'm training for dog olympics...

Catching my breath... 10 laps down, 5 more to go.

Hmmm... must learn how to backstroke.

Brrr... the water is freaking cold.

Ok, that's enough... I want to go to the river.

Let's go over to the rocks in the middle of the river.

Wonder is there any salmon here?

No fish in the river. I'm outta here.

Enjoying the afternoon sun with cheche.

My moment with cheche.

Spotted a colorful spider...

Goodbye Serendah... till the next time.

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Carol 阿红 said...

Hi, I came across your blog, and I love it...Since I have a poodle and German Shepherd and always headache where to go for vacation bring my fur kids..May I know where is this place? Can give me the address and further informations or direction of the place? Thank you so much.