Dear Hero

It's coming to three years since you left us, Hero. There's so much to tell you. Meimei is five now. She's a goofy and funny kid with an infectious laugh. The two of you would have had so much fun together. We adopted a puppy, a stubborn and mischievous bull terrier, with tenuous hope that Wira could replace your snugly warmth.

Cheche and I have not been wandering to far flung uncharted places like yesteryear. The reason we have stopped traveling as much is because parenthood is like a domestic adventure by itself, but truthfully, the wanderlust spirit is never the same without you. Oftentimes, specks of past memories flits into our daily conversations, and in these instances we realize how much we miss you.

But more than anything, we just want you to know that we're thinking about you. We always have and we always will. Rest in peace, Hero.


Today marks the hundredth day since Hero left us. That fateful day is still fresh in our memory... and we miss him every single day.

Hero was admitted to the hospital for observation as he was having diarrhea and also he was feeling lethargic, due to his chronic kidney failure condition. He spent two nights at the veterinary hospital before he came home. He was happy coming home on that day, tail a wagging and excited as ever. We duly gave Hero a warm bath followed by his meal in the evening, and he retired to bed early on that fateful evening.

The clock was about half past ten at night when I went upstairs to check on Hero. He was sound asleep on his bed when I came into the room. As usual, I went about with my nightly routine of finishing some work with my laptop sitting on the sofa, facing Hero as he slumbered peacefully across the room. Not too long after, out of a sudden, I was startled by the sound of someone gasping for air. Hero was having difficulty breathing. As I watched helplessly, he went into a brief convulsion and remained motionless thereafter. In a panic stupor, I rushed over and shook him frantically, hoping to wake him up from his sleep. As I began to realize what happened, I was definitely not ready to accept reality, and reality came biting hard. The realization that Hero has been taken away from us at that very moment. That he had a heart attack in his sleep. We spent the rest of the night with Hero, gently stroking him and gave him hugs before his body was taken away. Hero was cremated the next day.

Since Hero's passing, there were many happenstances that reminded us of his presence. Bird feathers started dropping into our house from the ventilation grill above the roof, his name appearing everywhere we went, chestnuts (his favorite snack) falling onto our path when we were in London, and many more little signs that Hero gave us during the short period after his passing. He wanted us to know that his soul was still with us, looking out for us from above. Our little guardian angel.

Hero making sure we noticed his presence.

Even in faraway London, his presence was felt.

Life is never the same without Hero. We will always be grateful for the indelible journey he took us on over the last seven years where our lives were filled with fun, adventures, loyalty and unconditional love. Hero really left paw prints on our hearts and he will forever be our heart dog. Reminiscing our time together, here is a poem for an angel in Heaven. Rest in peace, Hero.

Paw prints on sandy beaches
Chestnuts and sandwich kisses
Wet licks with murmuring growls
Wagging tail with excited howls

Long walks at faraway park
Joyful rides we duly embark
Up the hills we would go a hiking
Down the streams we go a wading

Colorful rainbow over the mountain
Beautiful sunrise across the ocean
Reflecting on our adventures together
Sweet memories we will keep forever

For now, you may be far away
Until we meet again some day
Together again and never apart
You will be forever in our hearts

For a short video in memory of Hero, please click here.

Rainbow Bridge

Hero the Shar Pei
6th September 2006 - 14th September 2013

Tis evening on the moorland free,
The starlit wave is still:
Home is the sailor from the sea,
The hunter from the hill.

A.E. Houseman: XXII - R.L.S

Thank you for giving us seven amazing years. We will continue with our adventures when we meet again at the rainbow bridge one day. You are the best dog ever.

Love forever,
Koko, cheche and meimei